Woman who accused singer R. Kelly of sexual abuse, finally testifies against him

R. Kelly is facing federal trial in which a women has testified against R. Kelly for having sex “uncountable” number of times before she was of 18 years old.

According to reports, the woman is now 37 years old and is identified as ‘Jane’. She testified to the court that he had sexually engaged with her while she was still a 13-year-old minor.

Currently, the singer is on trial in Chicago for allegedly being involved in obstruction of justice, child pornography and several other charges. While his charges are quite intense, his lawyers still emphasize on the fact that he is not a ‘Monster’ and that he too deserves a fair trial.

Robert Sylvester Kelly is a singer and is facing 13 criminal charges for obstruction of justice, enticing minors into sexual activity and receiving child pornography. Besides, he is currently serving a 30-year prison for sex trafficking, and racketing based on the verdict of a separate trial held in New York last year.

‘Jane’ has not just accused Kelly of having sexual intercourse, but also mentioned that Kelly made around 4 videos of them while engaged in sexual activity. Jane showed some parts of the video to jurors. Besides, Jane also presented some photographs in the court from her high school, so that the court can have a clear idea about how she looked back then.

Along with Kelly, two of Kelly’s former employees Derrel McDavid, his former business manager, and Milton Brown have also been dragged into the case. They were charged for allegedly helping Kelly “fix” the 2008 trial, and receiving child pornography.

The trials are still in process, however, both Derrel McDavid, and Milton Brown have pleaded not guilty.

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