Will Ro Khanna become the first Indian-American President of the US in 2024?

Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, might seek the position of President in the US Senate in 2024.

According to the media, Indian-American congressman Ro Khanna can be a potential candidate for the presidential run in 2028. However, if the standing President of the US steps back from the elections in 2024, Ro Khanna may run for the position instead. However, the report also highlighted that Ro Khanna could be a great President overall. 

Ro Khanna has recently gained quite some popularity in The US. He is an American politician and lawyer. He was born in Philadelphia into an Indian Punjabi family. His father is a chemical engineer from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). His mother, however, was a schoolteacher.

Previously, Ro actively participated in the support campaign of Joe Biden. Ro also said that if Joe participates in the election, he will shower his support. However, Ro also mentioned that he would not participate in the White House elections. 

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