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Why does my Electric Power Washer keep shutting off?

Are you experiencing problems with your pressure washer cutting out every few minutes? Nowadays, pressure washers are found in many households. They facilitate cleaning by facilitating a higher standard of cleanliness. However, they can only serve their purpose in proper working order.

Having a pressure washer that keeps turning off is annoying. We outlined some steps that you could take. This method is simple, and you don’t need to hire an expert.

Don’t Let Your Power Washer Shut You Down: Solving the Shutting Off Mystery

Electric pressure washers can stop working for several reasons.

Power Washer
  • Power supply problems: A faulty power connection is the most obvious cause. Make sure the plug is not overextended during use. Getting carried away can lead to overextending the cable. By doing so, just enough power can be cut if the plug is slightly removed from the electrical socket.
  • Hose leaks -If the engine keeps cycling, likely, the pump isn’t getting enough water. The electric pressure washer motorcycles when the water pump detects too much pressure. When the trigger is no longer held down, the motor again begins to build pressure, restoring the water pressure.
  • Unloader valve must be checked-Unloader valves prevent water from flowing out of nozzles when the pressure is not maintained. If the pressure washer turns on and off, the problem may be with the unloader valve. A new unloader valve must be installed immediately to solve this irritating problem.
  • The problem of overheating -It is common for the engine of your washer to overheat on a hot, sunny day when you use the hose to wash your car. If your pressure washer emits smoke or smells burning, turn it off immediately and unplug its power source.

Steps to stop Your Pressure Washer From Shutting Off automatically

  • Step 1: Your hands should be dried. Additionally, ensure sure the plugs aren’t sitting in puddles of water. Rubber gloves should be worn at this point.
  • Step 2: Ensure that the electric pressure washer is off by turning off the electricity.
  • Step 3: Air filters should be checked for blockages. If the washer becomes clogged, pressure could build up and cause it to stop working.
  • Step 4: Verify that the unloading valve is in peak operating condition. As we’ve already stated, the unloader valve is almost probably at blame if your machine keeps shutting down.

Electric pressure washers that keep shutting off may need to reset if everything appears in order.

So, what is the reason for the constant cutting out of my electric pressure washer? If you’ve been having issues with your electric washer turning on-off, I recommend performing the simple and thorough procedure outlined above. The repairs are simple and won’t call for any unique equipment. If any of these cause the problem, you won’t need to contact an expert’s help.

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