A delicious southern meal prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally is served at this restaurant.

It's your typical American barbecue with a tavern feel at Smok'n Pig BBQ. If you like BBQ then you won't want to miss out.

In the last 30 years, Covington's dining and  catering has served its patrons with the best lunches and takeout in Valdosta.

Valdosta's 306 North is a fun restaurant. This restaurant serves Southern fare and is located next door to Covington's.

The King's grill is your typical diner that serves home-cooked meals that bring back memories of childhood. Whether you're looking for meatloaf or fried chicken, it's the place to go.

Originally known as Jessie's eats and treats, Jessie's restaurant and catering has been in the restaurant business for 20 years.

You can learn a lot about a city's culture and dining scene on Miss Kate's tour. Valdosta's unique culinary dishes and flavors are combined with its history, architecture, and stories on this walking food tour.

The southern cuisine would not be complete without Mexican cuisine. Visit Empanadas and More for authentic Mexican food as well as southern fare.