US President Joe Biden To Meet Families Of Abducted Japanese People

The Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Hirokazu Matsuna has stated that the Japanese government will arrange a meeting between US President Joe Biden and the families of the Japanese people who were abducted by North Korea during his planned visit to Japan. 

Biden is supposed to visit Japan this year for a meeting of the Quad security group. The country of the group includes India, Japan, Australia and the United States. No specific date has yet been selected for the meeting.

The minister has hinted on a specific date for the meeting by telling Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a conversation this week that he is looking forward to meet him “on about the 24th of May”.

The family members of the Japanese people who were abducted years ago by North Korea met former USA presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

North Korean government agents began abducting Japanese citizens in the year 1977. This lasted for six years till 1983 and a total of 17 men and women were reportedly kidnapped from their homeland. However, it is believed that over a hundred people were abducted during the time period who have not been recorded.

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