US House Representatives Jimmy Gomez and Joaquin Castro broke the stereotype by carrying their babies to a swearing-in ceremony

Not just female US House Representatives, now male members are also breaking the stereotype by taking their responsibilities towards their families simultaneously with their other duties. Jimmy Gomez a resident of California and Joaquin Castro who lives in Texas from the Democrats broke the stereotype by carrying their babies to Congress. The members are also considering turning the Capitol building into temporary child-care rooms for babies. It will be equipped with all necessities to accomplish different activities such as diaper changing, stroller walking, bottle feeding, etc. 

The count of parents in Congress is still unclear. However, as per CNBC’s rough records of 2020, around 30% of all the members have children below 18. In addition, only 6% of people in the 117th Congress were mothers of school-going kids and more than 10 dads used funds for camping to support child care during the 2020 election. 

With the change of mindset and sharing of equal responsibilities, now more fathers are optimistic about balancing their duties towards family and the nation. However, it is still common for mothers to be entitled to take care of the kids. Yet everyone believes that the slow steps can surely bring a change someday.  Besides, ever since the pandemic came, people have become more considerate about balancing child care and work.

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