US House panel votes in favor of making Donald Trump’s tax filings public

After a vote by lawmakers in the US House of Representatives, it is now decided that Donald Trump’s six years’ worth of tax returns will be made public. It will conclude a years-long battle by the former US president to keep his tax filings private. 

Where 16 out of 24 members of the Democratic-led House Wars and Means Committee voted in favor of releasing the six years of Trump’s tax filings covering the period between 2015 to 2020. The vote was also marked as the last action by the committee. 

Democratic congressman Lloyd Doggett mentioned while talking to the media that a summary report will be sent to the full House of Representatives. Along with that, the analysis from the US Congress Joint Committee on Taxation, and the raw returns will also be submitted.

Trump’s finances have grabbed the attention of everyone as he strongly emphasized keeping his tax filings private. According to the reports, Trump did not pay federal income taxes in 11 of the 18 years. Besides, he examined and reduced his tax bill with questionable measures. However, Trump said that the report in 2020 was nothing but ‘Fake News.’ 

Although, the returns released by the US Congress will display how much he has donated to charity if he has foreign business concerns or other conflicts of interest. It will also show how his businesses were affected by his presidency and the pandemic.

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