Ukraine evacuates 300 civilians from Mariupol: UN

The United Nations has reported that over 300 civilians have been rescued from southeastern Mariupol and four other states and they are now taken to Ukrainian held Zaporizhzia, making it the second successful mission to protect civilians from Russian oppression.

According a statement by UN chief in Uakraine, Osnat Lubrani, many of the civilians were from Mariupol, Tokmak, Vasylivka and Berdinask. Most of the rescued arrived with nothing but the clothes they were wearing and are now receiving humanitarian services. She further said that they will additionally receive “much needed psychological support”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reported that the 344 people rescued on Wednesday along with 150 people rescued earlier this week were locked up in a bunker under the Azovstal stell mill, where Russian troops are standing on guard. The place also allegedly caught deadly fire on Wednesday.

President Zelensky has stated that they are looking for measures and trying to come up with agreements to save those who are still left in Azovstal, including women and children.

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