Twitter to allow users appeal account suspension

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October, he made a series of changes to the microblogging service. Recently, a new development is attracting the Twitter users, where they can appeal account bans. Reportedly, after the appeal is made, the evaluation process will be done according to the new criteria for restoring the media platform.

The announcement was made on Friday according to which under the new criteria of Twitter, it can suspend the account for severe or ongoing conjugative violations of the app’s policies. According to the new guidelines, accounts on Twitter can only be suspended if anyone is found violating the policies, including illegal content or behavior, threatening and harassing other users. In addition, some less severe measures will include restricting tweets, deletion of accounts, etc. 

Recently, billionaire Elon Musk made an announcement regarding the improvements that will be coming to the microblogging network in February. Twitter already has a feature where you can bookmark a tweet. But, after the yearly Twitter Blue membership plans were disclosed, the microblogging service has been working to adjust the bookmarking choices on both the Android and iOS versions of the Twitter app.

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