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10 Trucking Companies In Manitoba 2023

Surrounded by highways, Manitoba is the home to various transportation business. Trucking Companies in Manitoba are in no way behind. You might be flabbergasted to know that almost 13,000 people of the city are employed by trucking companies of this region. Since transportation is a large-scale business in the location, it is not strange that around billions are generated from this business alone.

Canada itself is one of the leading countries when it comes to trucking business. Unsurprisingly, the country generates a total of 39.55 billion Canadian dollars from trucking industry. People around the world reside in this country because of their fast face of economic growth, and given the figures, you can understand why. Over 134,000 for-hire trucks are currently operating in Canada, making it one of the top industries.

In the list of top trucking carriers of Canada, Manitoba comes in the 5th position. There are around 475 for hire trucking companies in the region alone. Since you are here, there are slim chances of you not knowing about the amazing benefits of trucking companies. We cannot imagine to carry on without their prodigious advantages.

List of trucking companies in Manitoba:

We have prepared a list of the best trucking companies in Manitoba just for you. Stay till the end of the page to find your vocation.

01. Jade Transport Ltd

Jade Transport Ltd

North America’s one the biggest trucking companies, Jade Transport Ltd was established in the year 1985. Having their headquarters in Winnipeg, the company has been providing trucking services around the area.

For decades, the company has been their clients’ favorite. Their services have the potential to help your requirements. Their most vital services are chemical services, truck wash, agricultural oils & fertilizers, road construction, truck & trailer, oilfield services, asphalt services, driver training and food grade service.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.jadetransport.com

Phone number: +1 204-233-3566

Headquarter: 963 Dugald Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0G8, Canada

02. Len Dubois Trucking

Len Dubois Trucking

Founded by Len Dubois when he was just 18, the company has been providing its best services in the Canadian province for decades. Since their integration in 1975, Len Dubois Trucking has been one of the people’s favorites.

And given their wide range of services, you can understand why they are favored by the clients. Just by looking at their services, you can decide whether they can meet your requirements or not. Some of Len Dubois Trucking’s remarkable services are global freight, international shipping, cross docking, home services, less than truck load, full truck loads, logistics solutions, maintenance and repair, long haul trucking, specialized freight, preventive maintenance, transportation services, warehousing solutions, transportation and logistics, winter trucking, safety and compliance, and road trucking.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.lenduboistrucking.com

Phone number: +1 204-783-2798

Headquarter: 40 Bryan Bay, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2E6, Canada

03. Searcy Trucking

Searcy Trucking

Bagging the spot as one of the most reliable and trustworthy trucking companies of Manitoba, Searcy Trucking has been working tirelessly. Established in 1969, they have been proving themselves with their coherence.

Even though the company does not offer a big list of services, it is an ace in its domain. You are most likely going to enjoy the services Searcy Trucking provide in case they meet your needs. The vital amenities of the company are oversize, transportation, LTL and full load.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.searcytrucking.com

Phone number: +1 204-475-8411

Headquarter: 1470 Chevrier Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Y6, Canada

04. TEAMS Transport

TEAMS Transport

A repeated North American shipping fleet, TEAMS transport has been serving the region with an incredible team. With more than 300 trailing equipment’s, the company has been serving with utmost efficiency.

With providing multi-dimensional services, they have become the people’s favorite. Having a good management, they have also established themselves as a great place to work for. If you want to take up their services, they offer a great range of utilities. TEAM Transport’s top services are flat deck services, satellite tracking, dry freight, truck delivery, late model trucks, dry van, full truckload, flatbed trailers and less than truckload.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.teamstranport.com

Phone number: +1 204-222-6289

Headquarter: 555 Rue Camiel Sys St, Winnipeg, MB R2J 1B5, Canada

05. Longview Logistics Ltd

Longview Logistics Ltd

The 5th company in our list is Longview Logistics, one of Manitoba’s newest trucking companies. However, their manpower experience makes up for lack of productive years. They provide their services around both Canada and USA.

By deciding to avail their services, you can potentially experience good services. After all, they are loved by the people who have already taken up their help. Their important services include dry van, preventative maintenance, tailored services, tractor service, transportation & logistics, 24/7 dispatch, driver training, transportation services, dedicated services and expeditated services.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

 Website: www.longviwelogistics.ca

Phone number: +1 888-240-3411

Headquarter: 302 Goldenrod Dr, Rosser – Old Kildonan, MB R3C 2E6, Canada

06. Lee River Transport

Lee River Transport

One of the best transportation companies of western Canada and United States, Lee River Transport has made a good name for itself. By providing essential fleet services, they have been growing over the past decade.

With their expertise and dedication, they have amused the customers. Unlike a lot of the companies, they do not provide extensive list of services. However, they can amaze you with the services they are masters of. Three of their most important services are cross docking, land and warehousing.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.leerivertrns.com

Phone number: +1 204-953-6200

Headquarter: 130 Transport Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2, Canada

07. Manitoulin Transport

Manitoulin Transport

Serving the whole North America, Manitoulin Transport has become one of the biggest trucking companies of Manitoba. Founded in 1960, this company has had a huge contribution in the trucking industry of Canada.

Manitoulin Transport has become the people’s favorite in their more than 60 years of experience. You will most likely find their myriad amenities useful. It is quite difficult to put all their services together so we have handpicked their best ones. Some of their crucial services are bonded warehouse, air delivery, cargo service, bulk freight, air freight, consolidation service, cross-border shipping, dangerous goods, cargo insurance, dedicated service, customs brokers, fleet management, dangerous goods handling, expedited shipping, heavy haul, intermodal freight, liftgate service, motor freight, ocean cargo service, private fleet, route planning, specialized trucking, transborder, urgent delivery, waste management, warehouse facilities and supply chain management.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.manitoulintransport.com

Phone number: +1 204-633-4448

Headquarter: 2165 Brookside Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R2R 2Y3, Canada

08. 4Tracks Ltd.

4Tracks Ltd

Another big trucking company in Manitoba, 4Tracks has built a great profile for itself. Having Fortune 500 companies as their clients, their customer service has been servicing around Manitoba, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta.

Being a pivotal transportation provider, their staff is loved by the people. If you choose to take up their services, their specialized team will assist all your requirements. The climacteric services of the company are supply chain, transportation solutions, delivery services, fleet maintenance, load and unload, supply chain solutions, transportation services, driver training, dry van, reefer service.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.4tracks.ca

Phone number: +1 204-633-5444

Headquarter: 374 Eagle Dr, Rosser, MB R0H 1E0, Canada

09. KEYSTONE Western Inc

KEYSTONE Western Inc

Pioneers in TL and LTL dry van, KEYSTONE Western has laid its foundation as one of the regions biggest trucking. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, their cross-border services have served both Canada and USA.

Adored by both clients and employees, their management has made them important amongst everyone. We can assure you that their services may help your shipping or delivery requirements. Their vital services include dry van, heavy duty, cross docking, tire service, step deck, trailer repair, vehicle hauling, 3pl services, freight forwarding service, load & unload, container drayage, logistics solution, terminal services, transportation & logistics, cross-border services and vehicle shipping.

Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.keystonewestern.com

Phone number: +1 800-265-6460

Headquarter: 594 Bernat Rd, Grande Pointe, MB R5A 1H5, Canada

10. Matrix Transport Ltd

Matrix Transport Ltd

And the last company to make it in our list is Matrix Transport, Winnipeg’s one of the biggest trucking services. North America’s one of the biggest supply chain partners, they are safe and reliable.

You can indeed be satisfied with their trucking services by choosing them. The major services that this company provide are transportation solutions, dry van, logistics services, careers services and home services.

 Looking for a way to contact them? We have listed their contact details and address below:

Website: www.matrixtransport.ca

Phone number: +1 204-615-3711

Headquarters: 34 Roy Roche Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2E6, Canada


Have you found the trucking company that serves your niche? Since relocation, delivery and shipping are crucial, it is important to only trust the reliable companies. So, make sure you go for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the biggest trucking company in Canada?
TFI International is considered to be one of the biggest trucking companies in Canada.
Is Winnipeg a transportation hub?
Without a doubt, you can consider Winnipeg to be one of the major transportation hubs of Canada.
Which is the best trucking company for a new driver?
Roehl is one of the finest trucking companies for new drivers.
How many trucks are there in Canada?
There are around 700,000 trucks in Canada.
Is there Uber in Winnipeg?
Uber officially launched its office of Winnipeg in 2020.
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