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Touchless Check Out a Reality – Thanks to UST Vision Checkout by Intel

UST Vision Checkout is a touchless checkout system that allows customers to make purchases without having to interact with any displays or gadgets. Instead, the system recognizes purchased products, totals the sale, and accepts payment using machine vision and voice commands.

This platform enables the solution to be extremely scalable and versatile, allowing it to manage huge quantities of transactions while adapting to changing business requirements.

Machine vision is a kind of AI that enables computers to analyze and comprehend visual information from their surroundings. Machine vision is utilized to recognize purchased objects and identify their pricing in the instance of UST Vision Checkout, while voice commands are used to expedite the payment process.

Overall, UST Vision Checkout is a cutting-edge technology that integrates machine vision, AI, and speech recognition to provide customers with a highly efficient and secure touchless checkout experience.

Dibbyyan Nath
Dibbyyan Nathhttp://thereaderstime.com
Dibbyyan is the CEO and founder of Inteliqo Research and Services, and has been a socially contributing entrepreneur for more than a decade. He is a tech-savvy strategist who has helped the growth in careers of multiple prominent personalities and companies. His company has fulfilled projects for multiple Indian and Foreign Multi-National Companies. His education from prestigious institutions like IIT Delhi, Indian Council of Technical Research and Development, UC San Diego and more, combined with his hands on experience has led him to create a portfolio of work that enables him to act as the perfect launching pad for future ready projects. Writing his by far his most favored passion and his commitment to technology, information sharing and writing can be witnessed in his work towards the foundation and management of The Readers Time.

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