Switzerland Baker Makes World’s Largest Wearable Cake Dress 

A video posted by Guinness World Records on Instagram has amassed 1.3 million views and several comments, where a Swiss baker made the largest wearable cake dress weighing 131.15 kg.

Natasha Coline Kim Fah Lee Fokas owns a bakery named SweetyCakes. Natasha presented a dress made of cake on 15th January 2023 in the Swiss World Wedding fair. 

SweetyCakes was founded in 2014 by Natasha. The cake shop is popular for making customized cakes. Natasha’s attempt to make something out of the box made her set the record Guinness World Record for the largest wearable cake dress. 

The cake dress was beautifully decorated, replicating a traditional wedding dress. The flowers in the dress were made of royal icing, and its sweetheart neckline added charm to the entire piece. 

The Guinness World Records shared the video on Instagram, which has already gained around 1.3 million views and several comments. The users praised the efforts and congratulated the baker for her achievement. 

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