12 Startup Biotech companies in Boston 2023

Looking for startup biotech companies in Boston? We have prepared a list of biotech companies in Boston.

Technology has without a doubt made a big influence in our lives. Be it relaxing in our bed with an artificial breeze or gifting ourselves the pleasure of big screen entertainment, we can never thank technology enough. And with humans evolving almost every day, it shouldn’t be a surprise to us that we have developed in the field of our own bodies too. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are always under the influence of biotechnology.

We have all come across the advantages of biotechnology. Whether it be for getting our eyes tested or stomach, the advantages of biotechnology are never unknown. With solving all your problems with biology, biotechnology must have left an impact one way or the other.

And with their impact, today the world has thousands of biotechnology companies. And if you ask us, they are present because of their tireless efforts in helping mankind. From treating viral pandemics to depression, the biotechnology firm over the world are making a statement.

When it comes to the number of biotechnology firms, some of the places have excellent number of institutes. And amongst them, Boston is a leading with over 1,000 biotechnology companies. And with so many sectors, Boston is hallmark of bio science and is known as the world’s biotech hub.

From large companies to newly formed ones, Boston has long roots of biotech companies. Giants like Genzyme have their headquarters in the US city. However, there are small yet newly emerging biotechnology companies in Boston too.

List of Startup Biotech companies in Boston

Now, let us dive into the list of startup biotech companies in Boston.

01. Akili Interactive Labs

One of the best known and well-respected biotech emerging companies, Akili Interactive Labs was founded in the year 2011. With their prime focus being neuroscience, the company has made its name in the technology field.

By combing neuroscience with gaming experience, the company aims to develop interactive Virtual Reality experience. Their moto behind designing this technology is to treat cognitive disorders and treat the patients who have special needs. With their special technology, Akili Interactive Labs are treating and supporting people diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and MDD. Their gamified technologies have the potential to improve your attention difficulties and cognitive impairments.

If you are looking for a neuroscience firm, they are definitely considerable.

02. Ginko Bioworks

Although not a very recent company, Ginko Bioworks is yet to reach its full potential. Known for being one of the best emerging firms of microbiology, the company was integrated in 2008.

To understand their products, you have to research on how they produce. The company uses the biology’s and microbiology’s organisms and products, that have the potential of growing on their own. Instead of needing to mutilate them via manufacturing, they grow by themselves.

With their discovery, they have been able to bring changes in fields like cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and agricultural products. They have also built probiotic products that can help your immune system grow stronger.

03. Emulate

When it comes to scientific testing, we can never keep out the name of Emulate. Established in 2014, the company has made a big name for itself over the years.

Probably one of the most advanced startups, the company is trying to develop alternatives human testing by creating biological materials that’ll work as humans. With this development, you can easily understand that food, cosmetics and many more products can be tested harmlessly.

You might be surprised to know that the biotech firm are partnering with companies and bio-organizations such as FDA, AstraZeneca and INTENZE products.

04. Biofourmis

How can we not name one of the most popular startup companies when it comes to healthcare software? Founded in 2015, Biofourmis has made a steady and reputable name for itself in this field.

The portfolio of the company can inform you that they are trying to find treatment for heart diseases, arthritis, COPD and other chronic diseases.By relying on data science and artificial intelligence, their technology tries to gather the patient’s health pattern and psychological indicators. With this technology, the company is trying to make more relevant treatment for individual patients.

Having their headquarters in Boston, the company is also operating in from three major locations: Zurich, Singapore and Bengaluru.

05. inviCRO

Another not so recent company, inviCRO was integrated in the year 2008. Dealing in Pharmaceutical Software, the company has made its name stand out in the recent years.

The aim of the company is to help the pharmaceutical researchers in their research by providing them with a software that can help them. And with the help of the software, the researches can extend their trails of drug testing.

With a team of 200 researches, the company is heading towards its goal. By utilizing analytical science for discovering actionable datasets, they are offering their partnering companies better results. Together, they are trying to find cure for what we call ‘stubborn’ diseases.

06. Pear Therapeutics

A well-known biotechnology company when it comes to software, Pear Therapeutics has been a thriving company for a few years. Founded in 2013, the company is currently a big name in the startup list.

In case you were looking for a software-focused biotech company, it is for you. By offering a digital therapeutics platform, the company helps pharmaceutical developers to improve their treatments when curing patients. With the help of this technology, health developers can monitor their patient’s health and provide them with digital prescriptions

Additionally, the company also helps in providing devices for treating substance abuse, mental health issues and multiple sclerosis.

07. Juno Therapeutics

While talking about a thriving startup in the department of oncology, we have to mention Juno Therapeutics. Established in 2013, the company is on its way to reaching new heights.

The primary objective of the company is to find a cure for cancer. Along with this, it collaborates on antigen technologies and immunotherapies-driven cell research. With their cell-based therapeutic treatment, they aim to treat cancer malignancies. By this, they aim to prevent myeloma and the growth of tumors.

Additionally, they are trying to develop methods which can be used on different layers of cancer.

08. Wave Life Sciences

Let us now shift to molecular science by mentioning wave Life Sciences. Integrated in the year 2012, the company has been making a good name for itself by being one of the great startup companies in Boston.

Did you know that Wave Life Sciences has patented developing a chemistry platform? With the help of this platform, the company is developing molecular solutions that can potentially treat chronic and what we consider incurable diseases.

Some of the diseases that this company are focusing on are amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington’s disease and dementia. With their inventions, they hope to support both the patients and their families.

09. Akouos

One of the most recent companies on our list, Akouos was established in 2017. It is amongst the well-known startup companies in Boston.

The primary focus of the company is developing a treatment for hearing health. Over the years, the company has been developing hearing aid technology and searching on genetic solutions for preserving one’s hearing. You might know that there are 466 million people in the world suffering from hearing loss and there is no good solution.

It is the goal of the company to eradicate hearing problems from the face of the earth as much as possible.

10. Life Biosciences

Since their foundation in 2017, Life Biosciences has been making a good name for itself in the filed of Longevity Science.

Are you hoping for living a long life? If yes, then you will greatly benefit from the developments of this company. The prime goal of this company is increase human life expectancy. And for this, the company is dedicated in developing medicines and drugs to beat old age problems.

Their goal is not to treat the symptoms in hand, instead, they are trying to develop a long-term solution to extend human life.

11. WEGO Health

Shifting from our list of biotechnology developers, let us talk about pharmaceuticals marketers. Founded in 2007, WEGO Health focuses on pharmaceuticals marketing.

By collaborating with different biotech companies, WEGO aims to deliver healthcare facilities and treatments to more people. The company creates a space for the other companies to share their voice and promote their products.

With their technology, their clients can measure their products’ engagement ratio and patient’s insight. Basically, they have created what you might call an ‘influencer-platform’.

12. ADEO

Last but not the list, we are ending our list with one of the pioneers of food sciences, Adeo. Integrated in 2015, the company is making a good name for itself.

In case you have food allergies, you will benefit from this company. The prime objective of this biotech company is to find treatments of allergy and detect food allergies. This will help you and us in staying safe from food that can cause us issues.

And this will in fact greatly benefit infants, who will be safe from severe allergies in future.


Here s the end of our list of startup companies in Boston. Go select and research further on the company that is the most relevant to you.

Frequently Asked Question

How many startup companies are there in Boston?

From startup to billion-dollar companies, Boston is the house to over 1,000 biotech companies.

Is Boston famous for biotech?

Boston can be referred to as world’s biotech hub.

How much does it cost to start a biotech company?

You can start a biotech company with as little as $100k.

Which is the biotech capital in the world?

South San Francisco is known as the biotech capital of the world.

How many biotech companies are there in the USA?

There are a total of 6,653 biotech companies in the United States.

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