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12 Software Companies In Ottawa in 2023

Over the years, technological development has made a huge impact on our lives. And software technology has indeed made a big difference in the field of science. And among them, software companies in Ottawa.

In the era of artificial intelligence, we can’t think of a world where software does not keep on evolving. It doesn’t matter if you are a tech geek or not, there is no way you can exclude the use of the software. Be it the advanced technology of your phone or the billing machine at a grocery store, software uses are prevalent everywhere.

And of course, their prevalence has made them a big player in the IT market. With over 100,000 software companies all over the world, the industry has become one of the highest-grossing platforms. In Canada alone, you can find tons of big software companies. Ottawa alone is the house of big software industries that are always trying to make changes.

The capital city of Canada, Ottawa has many large IT companies. We have prepared a list of the software companies in Ottawa for you. Let us jump to the list.

1. NetFore Systems Inc.

We will start our list with one of Canada’s biggest software companies, Ntefore Systems. With a team of experts, the company has been serving as a massive player in the industry.

Along with being good at developing and writing codes, the company offers its clients with many more things. Businesses prefer this company for their ability to solve problems. Startups can largely benefit from their developing services. You can always count on them for solving your software problem.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.netfore.com

Phone number: +1 613-454-5576

Address: 68 Chamberlain Ave. #200, Ottawa, ON K1S 1V9, Canada 

2. Iversoft

When we talk about the flexibility and efficiency of software companies in Ottawa, Iversoft is one of the first names we remember. Loved for its customer-friendly nature, this digital agency has made a name for itself.

By providing multiple services in the field of software, the company attracts a lot of startups as well as big companies. Amongst the services it provides, Iversoft is best known for being excellent in mobile app development, web development and product strategy. If you are looking for these services, they’re going to be a big help.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.iversoft.com

Phone number: +1 855-760-4064

Address: 275 Slater St. 14th floor, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9, Canada

3. Privacy Analytics

Standing up to their name, Privacy Analytics provide great services to consumer and healthcare organizations. They understand how much data privacy is important and act accordingly.

Recently, Quadrant Knowledge, a global consulting firm ranked Privacy Analytics as one of the top technology leaders. With over 14 years of experience, the company has already worked with over 200 major healthcare industries. Privacy Analytics offers anonymization services and software to its clients.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.privacy-analytics.com

Phone number: 251 Laurier Ave W #1000, Ottawa, ON K1P 5J6, Canada 

4. Martello Technologies

Not only in the field of software, Martello Technologies is also one of the leading names when it comes to Information Technology. With providing its clients with the required services, the company has maintained a good reputation.

Even though Martello provides services in different fields, its primary focus is to provide you with digital experience monitoring (DEM). Some of the largest products of the company are Microsoft 365 end-user experience, unified communications performance analytics, and IT service monitoring and analysis.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.martellotech.com

Phone number: +1 613-271-5989

Address: 390 March Rd, Kanata, ON K2k, 0G7, Canada

5. Larus Technologies

Based in the heart of Canada’s capital, Larus Technologies is one of the biggest software companies in Ottawa. Established in 1995, the company is trying its best to bring further development in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

So far, they have been doing a great job in achieving their goal. Mainly working to provide artificial intelligence services and predictive analytical decision support systems for security and defence industries, the company is thriving. When it comes to business, the company offers its services in areas like enterprise software development, big data consulting & implementation, software consulting, and software development.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.larus.com

Phone number: +1 613-244-8916

Address: 170 Laurier Ave W #310, Ottawa, ON K1p 5V5, Canada

6. Magmic

Let us now bring something a little more fun to our team. One of the best game developers, Magmic has been playing an important role in the mobile gaming world since its integration in 2002.

Indeed, we depend a lot on games for our entertainment, and having a good developer can undoubtedly help the gaming experience. You might be surprised to know that till now, Magmic has published over 100 games, some of which had ranked #1 in their specific category. Some of their most popular games are Idle Pet Paradise, Passport Rummy, Spite and Malice, Simply Card Suite, and Euchre. The bonus point is, that most of their games are fully free of cost.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.magmic.com

Phone number: +1 613-241-3571

Address: 135 Laurier Ave W Suite 100, Ottawa, ON K1P 5j2, Canada

7. Gadget Software Inc

In the field of software development, Gadget Software has undoubtedly made a stable name for itself. Without compromising customer satisfaction, the company is providing its best service to its clients.

One of the major reasons why Gadget Software is preferred by people is because it takes minimum time to develop, test, and run the software. By replacing traditional tools with modern and innovative methods, the company is a key player in the area of software development. Their specialty is said to be developing eCommerce applications.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.gadget.dev

Address: 43 Eccles St Unit B, Ottawa, ON K1R 6S3, Canada

8. bitHeads

Since they were founded in the year 1995, bitHeadshas have been an important company in the field of software engineering. With their expertise and professionalism, the company has become a big attracter of customers.

A team of the best software engineers and leaders helps you with running your business. bitHeads offer various services to its clients, including data analysis, software and application designing; and web development. Without a doubt, they are efficient and trustworthy in their respective areas.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.bitheads.com

Phone number: +1 855-622-3232

Address: 1309 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L3, Canada

9. TASKE Technology

Undoubtedly, TASKE technology is one of Canada’s biggest software companies. With over 32 years of experience, offices in 15 different countries and more than 7,750, the company has made its presence recognizable.

Along with being a huge key player individually, TASKE has side-by-side partnered with different companies too. The main goal of the company is to avail best facility to contact centers by offering them the opportunity to connect different calls at on time. Additionally, the company also is known for its technical services.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.taske.com

Phone number: +1 613-596-2533

Address: 2650 Queensview Dr #245, Ottawa, ON K2B 8H6, Canada

10. Oracle Canada

Probably one of the most preferred companies by businesses, Oracle Canada is one of the most popular companies of Canada.

It doesn’t matter what company you own; their products will help you in the most critical aspects of your business. Pioneer in the filed of artificial intelligence, the primary products of the company are cloud applications, hardware, cloud infrastructure and software.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.oracle.com

Phone number: +1 613-569-0001

Address: 99 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5A3, Canada

11. The Better Software Company

Justifying their name, The Better Software Company has become one of the best software companies in Ottawa. By promising quality along with growth, this company has made a big name for itself.

If you are looking for an all-in-one control center package, they are definitely someone you should consider. Giving you a perfect customized product list, they help you in enriching the quality of your business. From email templates to client attributes, they help you with forming the shape of your company in every way.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.bettersoftwarecompany.com

Phone number: +1 844-515-1992

Address: 10 Brewer Hunt Wat, Kanata, ON K2K 2B5, Canada

12. Kilpfolio Inc.

Last but not the least, Klipfolio is very a very popular software company in Ottawa. With their award-winning quick tips, videos and developer docs, they are serving the customers tirelessly.

While they provide many services, they are best known for their two products, powermetrics and klip. Without a doubt, their report building capacity has brought them name and fame. You can judge for yourself by studying their portfolio.

We have listed their contact details for you below:

Website: www.klipfolio.com

Phone number: +1 613-233-6149

Address: 111 Albert St #300, Ottawa, ON K1P 1A5, Canada


Amazed by all the software companies of Ottawa? Choose the company that has caught your eye and avail the software facility you need. 

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