21 Small business packaging ideas in 2023

Started your own small business but having a hard time coming up with packing ideas? We have the ultimate solution to your problem. In our article, we have laid down the best 21 small business packaging ideas.

Without a doubt, small business is a great way of stepping into the world of business. While showcasing your talent and earning a good profit, you can also gain knowledge on how to run a successful business.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are into; packaging is without a doubt one of the most important things. While large companies have their branded packaging, it is important to have a unique packeting for small businesses. After all, how you portray your business can play a huge role in spreading your business.

And even if you are just starting a business, you must have visualized its success. For a successful business, you need to stand out from your competitors. Small businesses are making an important impact on the face of business nowadays so you definitely need to be prepared to face large competition in whatever you do.

To tackle the competition, you have to adopt attractive ways to lure customers to your business. Although the items you prepare will play an important role in your customer base, it is important to provide extra things. For example, as kids, we always opted for chocolate brands that gave us freebies.

Although you may not give away freebies, you can always make your outputs more exciting. And without a doubt, packaging can be a very good start.

But before, let us have a small understanding of what a small business actually is.

Small Business

If you are here, you must be already familiar with small businesses. However, there is often a misconception of what small businesses are. For a few people, small businesses are just crafts and for others, they are small shops.

Technically, small businesses are privately-owned companies that generate lesser revenue than large-scale businesses and have fewer employees. A small business can have two stores or one can run a business from home.

There is no typical implication of a small business or what it consists of. You can be making crafts, have a bakery, a decoration business, a food stall, and so on. Without having a definite explanation, a small-scale business can be anything that has one ownership.

In case you have just started your small-scale business or are in the verge of starting one, you must know the process. For a successful business, you need to provide your customers with the very best. After all, they must have a reason to come to you over others.

Why is packaging important?

Gift box packing

Now, you might question the need for packaging in a business. We have definitely seen a lot of shops giving out their product in simple paper or plastic bags. Then why is it important to pack your products nicely?

The answer is simple, to create a better impression on your customers. Having attractive packaging can have a long-lasting and positive effect on your consumers. After all, we all are more inclined towards nice looking and flashy exterior.

And another significance of packaging is attracting more customers. When your already existing customers will carry your brand’s packaging, they might strike the interest of others. And with people interested in knowing about your business, you can expect a bigger customer base. The more people know about your small business, the more income you can generate.

A nice packing will without a doubt leave your customers with a good impression. And our generation indeed cares about aesthetics, so creating an aesthetical package can never go wrong.

Packaging Ideas For Your Small Business


With all that being said, let us hop on some of the trendiest and cutest small business packaging ideas

01. Accessorize Plain Treat Bags

Accessorizing plain treat bags is one of the best food packaging ideas for small businesses. Food-safe paper bags are without a doubt one of the safest and most convenient ways to pack treats and dry food. However, they are not what we consider ‘eye-pleasing’. They also cannot display your brand’s vision and hence, won’t impact your customers. By accessorizing or decorating plain paper bags, you can without a doubt create the perfect packet for your brand. By adding colors, using pins, and even painting on the bags, you can make them look wonderful.

02. Theme Packing

What speaks more about your business than its theme? By making theme packages, you can let your business style speak out loud. If you make dreamcatchers, you can print them on your packet. Or better, you can make your package’s exterior like one. Themes can be portrayed in anyway, if you have a clothing brand, you can match the packaging with the type of clothes you sell. For example, if you sell clothes, you can print dresses and t-shirts on your packets. This will definitely serve as a teaser of your product.

03. Accessorize Canvas Bags

Just like simple paper bags, you can also accessorize canvas bags. It is very easy to find a canvas bag for free and hence, you will save price on buying the material. By adding stickers, photo cut-outs, beads and many more things, you can easily decorate a canvas bag. In fact, you can also create a stamp of your logo and print it on every bag you give out. Canvas bags are reusable and your customers will thank you for providing them.

04. Eco-Friendly Packaging

With the increasing rate of global warming, a lot of us are shifting to plastic free products. And what better way to showcase your concern for the planet than creating recyclable and plastic-free packages? Choosing eco-friendly packaging is both pretty and thoughtful, you can never go wrong with them. You can use chart paper, paper bags and even newspapers to create your product packets. In fact, newspapers are very trending when it comes to packaging. You can also replace plastic tapes with custom-made water-activated tapes for packing.

05. Paper, Yarn and Flower

Making a cute little package with the help of paper, string and small flowers can make your business stand out. Very easy to make and attractive, this can help you in attracting customers who are into simple yet pretty decorations. If you want to go for cute packaging ideas for small businesses, this is something you should give a try.

06. Fun Tokens

As we said in the beginning, people love freebies with their products. While it might not be affordable for you to give out extra products, you can always try adding fun tokens. This can include stickers, a thank you card, confetti and even a small custom craft. Your customers will definitely appreciate a little effort on your part to make them feel special.

07. Matching Packets with Products

Just like theme packaging, creating a matching package for your products will amaze your customers. This will be a little more time-consuming and costly since you will have to design custom packages for every product. But with a little patience and effort, your business can create a buzz amongst everyone. If you have a fixed color or print, it will be easy and the best option for your business.

08. Simple Protective Packaging

Making protective packages for your fragile items can be thoughtful and useful. Just by using thin tissue paper strips, you can protect your packages while they are being shipped. And they do pass out cute vibe check. In case you have a bakery, they are your best option.

10. Seasonal Packaging

Thinking of something out of the box? Then try packing your goodies in small seasonal packages. While they may not have exact significance to your business, they look very attractive and your customers will love them. Flowery packages during spring snowflakes print during winter, yellow and sunny packages during summer, and auburn leafy packets during autumn. Your customers will probably buy something from you every season just to have your beautiful packets.

11. Fun Jewelry Packaging

If you have a jewelry business, you can create unique and fun packages for your products. One simple yet elegant idea is printing animated portraits and placing the jewelry in its designated position. For example, you can place a set of earrings on a portrait and give a small sneak peek of how they will look. Many small businesses are trying this style and we definitely dig this one.

12. Half Sheer Packaging

With the craze for minimalism, we can safely recommend making sheer packages. Instead of covering your whole packet with opaque items, you can use transparent packaging for half of it. And in the other half, you can add a craft paper with a thank you message and your logo. They will definitely give a nice look to your products.

13. Custom Flat Mailers

Artistic flat mailers can have a good impression on your customers, especially if you deal in artistic products. They are minimal, elegant and creative, leaving a lasting impression. For a craft business, they will definitely give the customers a positive outlook.

14. Vintage Packaging

We can never stress enough the beauty of vintage items. Whether you deal with vintage products or not, you can never go wrong with this style o packaging. By adding a melted seal, retro image, polka-dotted scarf, faded string, artifact paper, etc., you can create a mesmerizing packet. Your customers will definitely like this style of packaging, boosting your business further.

15. Polaroid Images

This might be a little tricky because not everyone has access to polaroid cameras. But if you do, you can send your customers a custom image with their products. We can guarantee that they will love the additional goodie when they open their product packet.

16. Recycled Paper

Have remains of old books that you can’t use anymore? Make packages out of them. Recycling old paper can both help you with creating a beautiful packet and saving wasted paper. You can give your packets a trendy or vintage look with the papers, depending on your aesthetic.

17. Pocket Packets

Have you tried folding paper into pockets in childhood? They might just come in handy in running your small business. Another nice and convenient way of packing your products is by creating pocket packaging. By folding the paper, you can create a decent and attractive self-wrapping package. You can also add your business card or logo print on those pockets.

18. Hand Painted Wrappers

It is time to test your drawing skills. Custom-created wrappers definitely look gorgeous; however, they can turn out to be costly. By hand-painting wrappers for your products, you can create minimum-cost packages. They will give your packets a nice look and let your business have a personalized package.

19. Custom Made Packaging

While you must have your own vision for your packaging, you can let your customers request custom-made packaging. This can be anything, from making custom-made paintings on the packet to writing a message for their loved ones. When it comes to gifting, a lot of people will choose your business if you can let them have custom gift packages.

20. Fabric Packaging

Want to make your packaging more durable? Try using fabric to pack your products. They will give your packaging a vibrant and delicate look. From satin to sheer, you can use any type of fabric to make your packaging look attractive.

21. Care Instruction Tags

A custom care instruction tag can make your packages look adorable. Being both thoughtful and cute, these tags can make your customers feel more attached to your products. While they are easy to make, they can leave a meaningful impact.


We have listed the best packaging ideas you can use for your small business. Running a small business can seem to be a little difficult at start but over time, you will fall in love with your work. And with all the cute packaging ideas, you can make your customers fall in love with your work too. So, start creating beautiful packages for your small business right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make DIY packages for my business?

You will be surprised to know about the obsession of people with DIY packages, they are definitely trending.

What can I add to my packaging?

You can add product samples, freebies, stickers, etc. to your product packages.

What is a good ‘extra’ for a package?

A thank you message is definitely a good extra for a package.

What software is used for packaging design?

Adobe Illustrator is primarily used for packaging designs.

What is the cheapest food packaging idea for small businesses?

Cardboard Box has to be the cheapest material used for packeting food items.

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