11 Positive Signs an older woman wants you

If you are looking for Signs an older woman wants you, then you have landed to the right place. Through this article, I will try to introduce you to some of the most evident Signs that shows an older woman desire towards you. When it comes to determining if an older woman wants you, there are quite a few differences between the signs a girl likes you and how to know if an older woman does, which is why it is sometimes hard to figure out.

A woman flirting with you over the age of fifty can be confusing, as the line between right and wrong becomes fuzzy. Usually, women keep their inner thoughts to themselves. Especially when they like someone or have a crush on them. Nevertheless, if a man knows how to read their signs, these signs and signals can help you to know if she wants you or not. An older woman is easier to read than other women when it comes to signs she likes you.

The most important difference between older women and younger women is their directness and straightforwardness. Their life experience is much greater than that of younger women. In life and with a man, they know what they want, and don’t play mind games as much. In addition, older women rarely play games with men. If an older woman is into you, she will be direct and straightforward about her feelings for you before they become more direct and straightforward about your feelings. 

Check out these Signs an older woman wants you

List of the Signs an older woman wants you

The inner thoughts of women don’t come out quickly to others. This is especially true when they like someone or have a crush on them. Man will be able to read their signs if he knows how to interpret them. An older woman is easier to read than a young woman.

01. She tells you that another man is interested in her –

A Man Showing interested with a woman

Like I said earlier, you may not understand what it means if an older woman tells you about another man’s interest in her because older women are more mature and disciplined when it comes to showing signals of affection. A woman informs you that another man is interested in her, and the first thing that comes to mind is, maybe she likes the person, and that is why she tells me? Suppose you are noticing those signs of an older woman liking a younger man. In that case, you will not be able to figure out whether she might be indirectly communicating her interest by mentioning another man’s interest.

02. Her smile is warm and inviting-

Woman warm smile

Smiles from women are often simply friendly gestures. Nevertheless, when numerous other signs of interest accompany her smiles, you can be certain she’s trying to let you know. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to distinguish between a flirtatious one and a simple friendly smile. Friendly smiles do not have any sexual intent or meaning. Such a smile is most often just a sign of friendliness from her, not necessarily because she finds you attractive. However, an expressive, warm, and genuine smile is quite another. A warm, genuine and expressive smile is an indication that she likes you.

03. When older women want you or flirt with you, they start conversations and listen attentively-

Woman flirt with a man

It is important to listen to older women, especially since they love to talk. They will usually only pay attention to people they admire or respect. When you talk to them, please take note of their attentiveness. A very agreeable and attentive woman is probably very interested in you if she hangs on your every word.

04. Her single status is revealed to you-

Woman single status

An older woman showing her single status is one of the signs she likes you. Her manner of signalling that she is single is usually subtler, finding a way to say so without being overly obvious. This is a sign an older woman likes you if she directly tells you that she’s single in any way. This is especially true if she tells you that she is single and looking for someone special. If an older woman likes you, then she will show you signs of her availability to you

05. She speculates on your love life-

Sad love life

Older women tend to make guesses about love life in order to figure out if your status is single or not when they like you.If she casually tells you that she is going to stop calling you, she might say, “I am extremely sorry, won’t be calling you again”, because you always help her when she calls. While she might seem to be pushing you away, actually she is trying to get information about your relationship status by asking this type of question. You should take it as a clear sign that she is interested in you if she asks about your love life.

06. Her flirtatious touch –

flirtatious touch

Does it make a difference if an older woman touches you? Certainly. Yes, as social beings, humans interact frequently. Women attracted to men feel the same way, not just in an intimate way. Men love to touch her shoulders, forearms, and lower back to pique a woman’s interest. The same is true for women. It is safe to assume that you should not doubt the interest of an older woman who seems flirtatious toward you.Reminiscing about her past- Most of the women tend to hide their pasts. There is no way they can disclose everything about it. Men, on the other hand, are more outspoken. Men are not hesitant to share everything about their past. You can tell if an older woman likes you from the way she talks about her past

07. When an older woman tells dirty jokes to you, she might like to sleep with you-

Couple enjoying funny moment

We all play tricks on each other. Making dirty jokes with an older woman is a sign you should get out. If anold woman makes dirty jokes around a lot of people, it makes no sense that she pays you extraordinary attention. There is a sign that she likes you if she does it only with you. Feel free to share any experience you have with us if you have any

08. Her feet are unknowingly pointed towards you-

Sometimes older women use their feet to show that they like you through other non-verbal signals. You can simply assume that she has a thing for you if her feet point in your direction, along with other signs. Whenever women are affectionate towards someone, their body language goes beyond their hair. An older woman may want you if you notice this often.

09. She may ask you personal questions –

Her flirting with you will be evident if she gets into a conversation with you, even though it is usually men who approach. Despite this, don’t be discouraged if women don’t approach you over the internet. Listen to the questions those women ask you. Keep track of how often she asks about you when you speak with an older woman. Women generally ask you questions of a more personal nature when they want to get to know you.

10. You may find she tries to seduce you-

This lady may touch you more often and even massage you if she has developed a strong attraction to you. She might dress provocatively and look seductively at you when she’s with you, hoping that you’ll pick up on her message

11. The older woman flirts by complimenting –

Last but not least, a woman who compliments you on something mere acquaintances would not do is a reliable sign of her interest. A lot of guys tend to overthink and overdo their reactions to compliments. Stop doing that. Since women are picky when it comes to giving compliments, they tend to be sincere when doing so. Do not be obligated to return a compliment to a woman. It is better to save your words for the time you give her a heartfelt and honest compliment instead.


If you’re wondering how to determine if a Signs an older woman wants you, you now have your answer. You are entirely responsible for making this work when you see the signs above. Otherwise, nothing will happen unless you take the initiative and make things happen. We hope that the blog on Signs an older woman wants you will help you piece together how to know if an older woman wants you.

We have discussed several aspects that can help you determine whether an older woman likes you and wants you. You will find some of the best Signs an older woman wants you mentioned above suggestive of interest in you and the possibility of further interaction.

It may just be natural for some women to flirt, so they may be pleasant to you out of their nature, which may confuse you. However, these signs may indicate that the woman is interested in you and desperately wants you. Thus, we hope you find this blog on Signs an older woman wants you is useful in understanding how to tell if an older woman likes you and what to do if she wants you.

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