11 Signs a married man is using you

If you are looking for Signs a married man is using you, then you have landed to the right place. Through this article, I will try to introduce you to some of the most evident Signs a married man is using you. The concept of love can be tricky. Cheating is not uncommon among married men. Women should stay away from men like this because they are lethal and dangerous. Because not every woman is a homewrecker by choice. Furthermore, you can go wrong with some of these relationships and misunderstand a great deal of them throughout your life. The problem is, when a married man uses you, it seems like he does not know you. His lack of familiarity with your real self will prevent him from understanding your emotional feelings as well as expectations.

Marriage is the most important commitment that can be made to someone else. Marriage is also a complex and multifaceted concept involving many things and people. A marriage lays out the rights and responsibilities of the two people and their duties toward their child and in-laws. An extramarital affair, which is considered taboo institutionally, is dating someone already married to someone else. You will face some commitment issues from the other side of a relationship with a married man. Those truly in love with you tend to shower you with affection and attention. You’ll be talked about to everyone around him. First, let’s look at why married men flirt before going deep into Signs a married man is using you.

What makes married men to flirt?

married men makes flirt with women

What are the signs that a married man is flirting with you? There are a variety of reasons why married men might flirt, including:

  • He wants the feeling of being desired
  • As long as he doesn’t harm his wife, he believes his flirting isn’t over the line
  • He gets excited about meeting new women
  • He lacks interest in his marriage
  • He is seeking intimacy
  • A miserable relationship is making him feel lonely, so he wants to be with someone for fun
  • He is not looking for romance but rather enjoys the banter and fun

Extramarital affairs are often just distractions and it’s a way to escape from the same women’s daily routine. Eventually, it becomes toxic and negatively impacts your mental and emotional well-being. As a result, the man receives love and attention from two separate persons. Things are going well for him. As a result, you are here, experiencing the distress of sharing the man you love. It’s challenging to end it even if you want to because you love that person and he claims that he loves you as well.

When a man is married, why does he never leave his wife?

Man cannot afford to lose the stability that marriage brings to his life. The benefits of marriage make a man more attractive. Divorce puts men’s livelihoods at risk, they lose access to their children, they lose their assets, and they lose their respect in society. They prefer staying married but dating other women. Thus, women typically initiate divorces, not men.

How can you tell if he is using you?

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Usually, when a woman falls in love, it lasts and takes over her entire being. The most challenging part of all of this is that she isn’t getting the same affection and love from the person she loves. A man who appreciates his wife will go out of his way to make her happy, making sure she is happy on an emotional, mental, and physical level. Healthy relationships are like that. However, if that does not happen, it will ultimately affect your physical and psychological health. You must keep an eye on him and ensure that he isn’t merely using you. When he does certain things, you can tell he does not care as much about your relationship as you do. You are then required to tread lightly and confront him if the time comes for his behavior.

What are the signs a married man is using you?

There’s a good chance that he is using you if you’re looking for the signs a married man is using you. But why are you seeing him so often? In what way is it beneficial to you to stay with him? What is the actual value of seeing a married man, and how will it benefit you in the long run if it does benefit you to do so? Even though it may seem like a good situation initially, and no matter how much you love him, this relationship is more than likely to cause severe damage to your life and your self-esteem in the long run. While he may treat you well generally, he does not necessarily treat you as a person of value.

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01. He wants to be your exclusive Partner-

Married men who use you typically want you all to themselves while not leaving their wives. He doesn’t want you to cheat on him, but he can cheat with you.

02. He won’t answer your calls at certain times-

Married men expect you to be very understanding and not call the person when he is with his wife or spending time with his family.

03. Whenever you want, you can’t see him –

It is a sign that your man is using you if you cannot talk to him whenever you want. He always finds you when he wants to have sex with you.

04. He treats you like a garbage dump –

It is not uncommon for married people to talk about their kids as if they were their stepchildren, but you will never be able to meet them and form a relationship. You are under his stress, but you will not become his wife.

05. When his wife calls, you need to be silent-

The fact that a married man never tells his wife that you exist is another sign that he is using you. He can answer his wife’s phone in your presence, but he cannot answer your phone in his wife’s presence.

06. You cannot be roaming together in public-

This is a sign that a married man is using you if you cannot freely walk around with him in public or attend all your events together. You can even post pictures of your vacation because he won’t allow you to.

07. Abortion is on his mind-

The person may tell you abort if you become pregnant. Legally, it is the woman’s responsibility to decide whether she will have an abortion or not but the married person with whom you are into this toxic relationship will force you to abort the child forcefully.

08. The real you is unknown to him-

Relationships with men who are just using you are very toxic, as we established before. There is nothing better than having a relationship where there is a lot of love between the two people, since you wish them nothing more than happiness. The real you have to be known by your significant other and the real you has to make an effort to be known by your significant other

09. You will not receive any gifts from him that are personal to you-

A married man who uses you is rarely concerned about your happiness. It is rare that he will do anything personally and thoughtful for you, even if he gets you a present. Instead he will give you jewellery. Yet he might not give you a thoughtful gift

10. He will always place greater importance on his family and married life-

When you don’t feel important in your significant other’s life, that’s one sign of a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Other people and things always take precedence over you. Especially for married men, their wives, their jobs, and their married lives will always take precedence. Don’t expect him to make you feel like you’re important to him.

11. If you catch him in a lie, he will continue to lie –

There is always a reason or an excuse for him to lie about something. It is common for men with inflated egos to be capable of cheating. Most of the time, when a person cannot accept their mistake, they blame many other things. An affairing husband can always be an expert in manipulating the lie to bring it about as he is already used to controlling people


Maintaining a relationship with a married person can be highly toxic, which you may encounter. But your peace and mental harmony should always come first, even if you are deeply in love with someone, and you need to understand this.

To avoid the pain and stress of a toxic relationship, look for these warning signs. When other things in your life stress you, your significant other should be your escape. A relationship cannot exacerbate your already stressful life. In such a relationship, you should leave it immediately and start living a happy and healthy life. I believe you deserve better than this. This is all about the signs a married man is using you.

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