Top 10 Purple butterfly nails ideas in 2023

If you are looking for the best Purple butterfly nails ideas, then you have landed to the right place. Through this article, I will try to introduce you to some of the most popular Purple butterfly nails. It was a big trend in the 90s to put nail decals and wear hair clips with butterflies, and now it is back! You might have spotted celebrities in Instagram pictures with beautiful butterflies painted on their nails. Or maybe you’ve been browsing social media and loved the bold and bright butterfly designs. This trend has so much versatility, ranging from subtle clear nail designs with white stickers that make people take a second look to 3D art that gives the impression that insects are floating on your nails. For butterfly designs, colour options are plentiful, and you can find something to fit nails of any shape and length. Butterflies represent beauty, transformation, and change, so this trend is symbolic as well. Keep reading if you want to find out how to recreate this feminine and sweet look at home.

You have come to the right place if you’re searching for some cute and beautiful Purple Butterfly Nail Art Designs. People tried many methods to preserve the beauty of butterflies before, but their beauty would not last very long. So, by putting them on your nails, however, you can achieve that beautiful look anytime. Creating a butterfly look by using coloured nail polishes is really fun and interesting. Beautiful rainbow butterfly wings nail designs are one of the most popular and unique butterfly nail designs, which will allow you to make the most of your favorite colours.

What exactly are butterfly nails?

Right now, butterfly nail designs are one of the hottest and most fashionable nail designs you can do. This trend won’t go away anytime soon. Perhaps you’ve seen them on Instagram or Tiktok. It is either painted on or glued on acrylic nails with butterfly designs. Using different types of butterflies and nails of different lengths and colours, you can express butterfly nails in many different ways. Springtime or summertime are great times for butterfly nails! They are even suitable for fall nails. Butterfly nails are extremely popular right now. I like this trend because you can make it as subtle or as obvious as you want. A simple French manicure can be topped with cute, small, and unique butterfly stickers, or you can also opt for a more adventurous acrylic manicure with bold colours. You can also glue 3D butterfly ornaments to your nails if you’re feeling really adventurous.

What are the types of Butterfly Nails?

Butterfly nails come in several varieties. A butterfly nail will typically be drawn or confetti. Confetti butterfly nails normally look like confetti butterflies that are added to the nail colour and then sealed with some transparent topcoat. The result is a fun and vibrant design that is cute and funky. You can also draw larger butterflies onto each nail or you may ask your expert nail technician to do it. Although more difficult to make, these butterflies are very beautiful. In some nail salons, nail technicians have various stencils for creating perfect butterflies, but if you have a particular design in mind, I recommend confirming your appointment with the nail salon before booking. Some really gorgeous butterfly nails are available online.

Ideas for your next manicure: Purple Butterfly Nail Art Designs

Is purple your favorite colour? If so, then you should definitively try some of the below-mentioned purple butterfly nails! A purple nail polish adorned with butterfly designs will look even more attractive and chic. Base polish and butterfly details can be mixed and matched. Dark purple and soft purple can be mixed. A butterfly design may also be paired with black colours.

Is your mind still blank when it comes to nail design ideas? To inspire you on your next manicure day, here are some cute purple nail ideas! These nail designs are fairly easy to create yourself or you can also ask your manicurist to do them for you. Acrylic nails, Natural nails, gel nails, and tips can all be decorated with these purple nail ideas

01. Purple nails with butterflies

Purple nails with butterflies

Consider embracing the purple butterfly nail trend if you want nails that stand out. Purple is a great shade for 2021, and this look is so pretty and feminine. If you have fair skin and are tired of classic pink nail lacquers, this colour will work great for you. You can experiment with different techniques to make your design unique. Marbling purple nails or French tips are good examples. You can also add a fashionable twist to your manicure by choosing your favorite fashion brand’s logo in addition to the butterfly stickers.

02. Purple ombre butterfly nails

 Purple ombre butterfly nails

A butterfly nail design with ombre? That’s a match made in heaven. It is an unexpected twist on a trendy nail design. Butterfly nails should be applied to only two nails so they can shine bright while the other remaining nails feature an eye-catching beautiful ombre design.

03. Black Butterflies on Purple Nails

03. Black Butterflies on Purple Nails

It isn’t always necessary to use bright colours to achieve a chic look. You can create an edgy look with the use of black butterfly decals and a deep purple base. The base shade can also be an ombre style, so it is darker at the base and it is lighter at the tip if you wish! As a result, the butterfly designs will stand out better and the overall look will be way better

04. Lilac butterfly nails

Lilac butterfly nails

If you like purple nail art, you’ll love this design. You can try different butterfly stickers and layers of lilac polish to achieve these adorable nails. Purple butterflies are a great way to express your love for this colour. So if you want your nails to look super cool then definitely you should go for this colour.

05. Purple rhinestones on butterfly nails

Purple rhinestones on butterfly nails

Butterfly designs are a great way to have fun with different nail art designs and nail stamps and stickers accessories. To create a fun, fluttery manicure, pick out your favorite nail shades, butterfly stickers, and glue on rhinestones. Among other outlets, Flipkart, Amazon and others sell butterfly rhinestones. To prevent chipping or damage to the rhinestones when you remove them, make sure you use safe products.

06. Purple acrylic nails with Butterflies

Purple acrylic nails with Butterflies

Purple is the dominant colour on most nails, while butterfly nail art is prevalent on a few. The acrylic nails are very stylish and bright. The same manicure can be recreated with different colours, for example, purple would look beautiful on these nails. Try hand-painting butterflies or buying nail stickers if you wish to try the design yourself. There are also many tutorials online for this type of butterfly nail art.

07. Nails with purple clouds and butterflies

There are so many ways to try out the butterfly nail trend, which is one of the best things about it. Create your own multi-colored butterflies with a Purple base, or choose from a variety of colours and effects. You can choose to wrap your nails first and then stick on the fluttering insects afterward or paint your nails with purple nail polish and dab on little white dots for a wispy cloud effect.

08. Nails with purple butterfly wings

Nails with purple butterfly wings

The best way to perfect your nail art skills with cute short nails is to use this one. You can choose some colours and patterns you like and get to be creative. This design focuses on the wings of the butterfly instead of the whole butterfly. Like moths to a flame, this manicure will surely attract you.

09. Purple butterfly nails short

Purple butterfly nails short

If you really want to draw beautiful butterfly designs in your nails, you can do the same with long as well as short nails. However, some nail art trends require long nails only. For example- A 3D design might be a little overwhelming, even if there are very few designs on your fingernails, it will still look great. You can choose nail polishes that are pretty and stickers that feature your favorite insect. You might also be able to paint your own butterflies if you are creative and have a steady hand.

10. Pink and purple butterfly nails with gems

Pink & purple butterfly nails with gems

Many people have their hearts set on the multi-colored trend. Check out this nail design if it appeals to you as well! Try a different design on each finger to make it more interesting. All those details will take a lot of time to complete, but the results will be worth it. It can be worn to an elegant wedding or a crazy night out – it is so versatile.

Is Butterfly Nail Design Right for Me?

The butterfly is one of the noblest creatures on Earth. They are elegant and sensitive. As such, they are a beautiful representation of women. Therefore, you should paint them on your nails! You will be able to show off your feminine side with it. Additionally, it looks particularly lovely and great when applied to soft and well-cared hands. As time has gone on, butterfly nail art designs have become more and more popular.

How Easy Is It to Create Butterfly Nail Art Designs?

This design can be done without being a professional artist. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. It’s not as simple as that, despite popular belief. When you lack a talent for drawing butterflies, you cannot draw them perfectly. It takes more than talent to draw well – it takes practice. Therefore, visiting the salon is a viable option. Whether you want a simple and adorable design or something more complex, we have it covered for you! There are several nail ideas below that you can choose from to create the perfect manicure.

Which other Butterfly Nail Designs should you try?

Butterfly nails are cute and classic. Butterflies can be painted in any colour you choose in the world of butterfly nail arts. There’s nothing more to be said. A good set of nails can be obtained by visiting your favourite nail technician. You can also get gorgeous press on nails online with a butterfly design if that is too much of an effort. As of now, you can look for some beautiful nail art designs below –

01. Blue Butterfly Nails

 Blue Butterfly Nails

One of the prettiest trends you’ll ever see is a blue polish with butterfly nail stickers. Colours associated with serenity and calmness tend to look good on all skin tones and nails of different lengths and shapes. You can pair it with silver or blue butterflies and glitter nail lacquer. Alternatively, you can use nail art stickers and create your dream nails at home using your very own manicurist; or go to the salon to get your nails done by an expert.

02. Clear Butterfly Nails

Clear Butterfly Nails

Clear nails and white butterfly designs are an excellent way to make this retro nail trend subtler. Due to the absence of colour, it makes it easier to see your nail art, because people will try to look at your hands more closely. Those who want a bit of fun while embracing trends and are not keen to show off their fingers will love this option. In addition, it is extremely very wearable and also versatile; the style will not clash with your clothing and also it will give a more sophisticated look for sure.

03. Pink Butterfly Nails

Pink Butterfly Nails

Pink butterfly nails have the benefit of allowing you to get creative, and the butterfly does not have to cover just one nail but may cover several or all the nails. The choice is completely on you if you want to draw the butterfly design on only one finger or more, you can choose how dramatic you want to make it. The key to achieving this look is choosing your favourite pink polish shade. You can paint one or at most two fingers with a clear or bare polish after you’ve left one or two fingers free. Choose several nail stickers in pink shades of varying opacities to finish the look for a modern and feminine feel.

04. Red Butterfly Nails

Red Butterfly Nails

Red is one of those colours that demands attention. A bright shade works well as a base for butterfly stickers and decals because it is a classic colour for nail art. Typically associated with love and romance, the intense brings a lot of attention to your hands immediately. This is why it is important to make sure that your nails are always clean and polished and at the same time, it is not chipped so this look does not appear too drab. Don’t be afraid to wear this colour! It really looks great on any complexion. You can also experiment with your makeup by choosing a similar, but not identical, lipstick shade.

05. Butterfly Nails in Different Colours

Butterfly Nails in Different Colours

When you can choose from many types and colours of butterflies, why choose just one? Choose from a wide range of butterfly designs or paint your fingers with multiple polishes. Some colours to choose from are pink, red, green, purple, and blue. Additionally, you can choose different sizes, including some small stickers and others larger, adding some interesting designs and giving it a fun look. Colourful butterfly nails are bold and colourful catching the eye instantly as they are applied. You should always have perfectly manicured fingers for this reason.

06. Yellow Butterfly Nails

Yellow Butterfly Nails

Yellow has the power to bring joy to your heart like no other colour. It is a colour that instantly brings joy, brightness, and cheerfulness. Moreover, it gives us a smile, as it is a welcome hue. The combination of this vibrant colour and butterfly nail stickers is a new trend that you most definitely need to try! As it reminds us of sunshine, it is especially appealing during the summer months. Whether you’re at the beach, at a festival, or just staying at home, this look will look great.

07. Mint Butterflies Nails

Mint Butterflies Nails

The mint shade is incredibly popular. It’s fresh and flirty at the same time. You could add some glitter and it wouldn’t seem overdone. Adding as many butterflies as you like will be fine, but two butterflies per hand are the maximum. The gentle nature of mint will make your work stand out.

08. Butterfly Nail Colours in Pinks and Light Greens

Butterfly Nail Colours in Pinks & Light Greens

There’s nothing ordinary about this nail design! You can have a beautiful and natural match between pink and green if you choose the right tones. It will take a lot of patience for you to paint butterflies by yourself. While it would be helpful to have a nail art printer, you don’t need one. If the problem seems too complex, you can sketch any artistic representation or abstract version. Your nail technician will always be able to help you.

09. Black Butterfly Nails

Black Butterfly Nails

The appearance of black nail polish can appear harsh and a touch vampy to some people. The black butterfly nails stickers give it a more playful and feminine feel. As a result, your nail art will not restrict your wardrobe choices because black is a colour associated with strength and sophistication. One of the easiest ways to turn heads is to sport this dark hue on the nails; therefore, it is hard to miss.

11. Butterfly Nails

 Butterfly Nails

Holographic-There’s nothing wrong with having a manicure that’s a bit shiny, right? Holographic butterfly nail art is an excellent choice for making your fingers sparkle in the sunlight. A standard butterfly wing can be enhanced by wearing holographic nails, which have a great reflective appearance. These nails are also a fun way to express your creativity. You can recreate these beautiful holographic wings using holographic nail lacquer by adding stickers over them. If this is too complicated for you, and let’s face it, it takes a lot of skill and also precision to recreate, then you can opt for holographic nail paint.

10. 3D Butterfly Nails

3D Butterfly Nails

There are several ways to create butterfly nail art, but 3D nail art is undeniably the most creative and eye-catching interpretation. When you want your hands to look like they have butterflies flying across them, this is what you should do. I would wear it to a special occasion or summer party, but not every day. Wear your favorite rings to ensure that your hands are noticed, but in this case, less is more.

Butterfly nails cost how much?

It depends on a lot of things whether you do your butterfly nails at home or go to a salon, such as whether you want to do them yourself. In addition to the different designs, there are also a variety of complexity levels. The cost of a fuss-free manicure and simple stickers, for instance, will probably be less than a 3D nail art. Additionally, you should also consider how long your nails are and what kind of polish you want to wear on your nails such as regular or matte or a gel polish.

Your choice is your own and unique! Adding extra details to your nail polish will enhance your style. You can pair purple with butterflies to create a stunning look. This cute combination will definitely attract anyone who loves nail paints especially. So, what colours and designs are you going to put on your own nails from these cute butterfly nails designs? If you’d rather have press-on nails, go to your daily local salon, or simply replicate these looks at home, please let us know.


The butterfly nail design is one of the most favorite classic nail designs to rock, as I said at the beginning of this post. Take advantage of these gorgeous nails before the end of spring. Show off your new chic nails with some of the above-mentioned gorgeous nail designs! This can be accomplished for the least amount of money and does not have to be expensive. Our complied list of butterfly nail art designs can be worn at any time during the year, even during the spring season. So, are you ready? It is the perfect time to change your nail polish – just make sure to stock up on butterfly nail stickers. Butterfly wings will give the statement that you care about your appearance, you are artistic and you have a free spirit.

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