PM Modi’s 30-year-old photo in Germany goes viral

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on-board with his three-day Europe tour and he visited Germany on the 2nd of May, where he held discussions about many things with German chancellor Olaf Scholz. Some of the important topics they discussed on are climate change and the current geopolitical condition. Amidst the visit, a 30-year-old photo of the Indian Prime Minister has gone viral, where he is seen to pose in front of a state. Popular for his traditional attire and grey hair, the OM Modi is barely recognisable in the picture.

The photo was by a journalist namely Naveen Kapoor. In the picture, Modi is wearing blue jacket, white shirt and trousers with black shoes, while posing in front of a marble bust. He is hardly recognizable without his usual beard and moustache.

Many twitter users are finding it difficult to recognize the Indian Prime Minister in the picture.

Modi has had close relationship with BJP’s ideological mentor, even before he actively participated in politics and became the chief Minister of Gujarat.

In his meeting with German leader Scholz, Modi discussed about the climate issue in India. To this, Scholz pledged that Germany will provide India with 10 billion euros to attain the country’s climate goals.

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