Top 8 Nut White Nails designs in 2023

If you are following the latest trends in fashion then I am sure you would have heard about coffin baddie red nails, black acrylic nails, etc. In the same way, nut-white nails are making a comeback and are very popular this season. These nails make the wearer look chic and sophisticated.

Loreal Paris Article Milky White Nails

What’s more, these nut-white nails can also be paired with diamonds and other nail designs to make your hands look gorgeous and stunning. Everyone pays attention to their jewelry, bags, and accessories before deciding their look, but it is the nails that set apart a true fashionista from the rest of the wannabees.

Long white nails

In this post, I discuss nut white nails, the latest trends, and designs in this space, and how you can harness the potential of this nail color to bring about the look you want and truly look mesmerizing. I have listed some of the celebrities sporting this look which will show you how stunning nut white nails actually are.

The latest trend spotted on celebrities

Nut white nails were all the rage a couple of years ago and their potential was so immense that people are adopting them again this season making them the latest ‘it’ thing. You don’t have to take my word for it but check out the different celebrities here who were sporting this look and certainly caught the attention of many fashion gurus for the right reasons.

Celebrity jennifer lopez white nails

From Jennifer Lopez to Kylie Jenner these celebrities have regularly flaunted their nut white acrylic nails to make a style statement. Nut white nails are regularly worn for red carpet events and have never disappointed the fashion pundits.

So, if you are also looking to make heads turn then I have listed some of the latest trends in nut white nails that you can look to for inspiration.

The trendiest nut white nails

A full set nut white acrylic nails are gorgeous and give the wearer a sophisticated look. It can also be worn to formal events as well as casual events. It is a look that goes with any occasion and the color white itself symbolizes purity and trust.

Milky nails

Nut white nails can be customised however you want to offer great flexibility. You can go for the innocent girl next door look or make your nut white nails stand out by bringing out your flamboyant side, either way, you can certainly rock these nails.

white long trendy unique artificial nails

Short nut white nails are for those who don’t like long nails. These are elegant and easy to manage. They are short but alluring as well. Many people have sported these looks and you don’t need to grow very long nails to wear this look.

Nut Nail design

Like all nail designs that have caught my eye, nut white nails can be combined with different nail art accessories to create beautiful designs. I suggest adding diamonds to nut white nails which will leave your nails sparkling and looking very pretty. This design can easily be done and the placement of diamonds on your nails is completely your choice.

Butterfly white nails

Nut white nails with butterflies is another design that I like. This clearly shows the skills of the wearer and is very beautiful. People sporting this look come across as trendy and savvy. This look is hard to imitate but the work that goes into painting your nails certainly pays off and you end up looking absolutely stunning.

These are some of the styles that have blown up the internet and have made quite the statement. This list by no means is exhaustive and you can always rely on your creativity to come up with some unique designs and start a trend of your own.

So, now after reading all that I have written you are quite familiar with nut white nails and you know it is very popular. But still, the basic question of what are nut white nails might be nagging you. To provide further clarity and help you get this look at home I have briefly explained what these nails are and how you can achieve this look.

What are white nut nails?

White nut nails are also called milky nails and all it takes is a bottle of white nail polish to achieve the semi-opaque white nail look that mimics the appearance of milk. On Google, you can find different variations of this trend, and many nude colors are combined with white tones to give you a wonderful look.

If you like this trend and want to try it yourself at home then I have given step-by-step instructions that you can follow to get this look at home.

How to get white nut nails (DIY)

First, you will need:

  • Clear press-on nails
  • Nail glue
  • Nail File
  • Makeup sponge
  • Nude nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton swab

Step 1: The Basic routine

Clean your hands and cut your nails. Don’t cut too deeply and file the nails smooth so that are no snags in your nails.

Step 2: Wear your clear nail acrylics

After the basic routine of cleaning and filing your nails, you can apply a little nail polish remover to clean your nails so that the clear acrylic nails stick better. Then take the clear acrylic nails and cut them into the required length you desire. Apply nail glue and stick them on your nails. Repeat this step one by one on each of your nails and press your nails thoroughly after applying the clear acrylic nails.

Step 3: Apply your polish

Apply a thin coat of nude nail polish to all your fingernails. If you want the ombre look where the nude color gradually turns to white then you need to apply nude polish to the makeup sponge edge and white polish just below it. Slowly dab this sponge onto your nail away from the cuticle towards your nail tip. This will result in a gradient effect transitioning the nude to white. If you don’t want the ombre look then you can directly paint your nails white and skip the nude polish altogether.

Step 4: Enhance your look

Take the makeup sponge again and apply white polish to it on a clean surface and dab it on your nail tips only. This will make your white nail tips look more bright and opaque. By now, you should have a nude color on the nail cuticle and white at the tips. If you are going for the completely white look then you can apply another coat of white polish only.

Step 5: Clean the edges of your nails

After you apply your polish using the makeup sponge you might find the edges of your nail covered in polish. Once the nail polish completely dries then take a cotton swab, dip it in nail polish remover and remove the excess polish from your nail edge. This will make your manicure look neat and precise.

Step 6: Apply clear nail polish

To make your nails look smooth, shiny and even finish off your manicure with a coat of clear nail polish. This will lock the polish in place and prevent the chipping of your manicure.

With this, you are done with the tutorial. Your nails should look something like this. It is ok if you didn’t get it on the first attempt, you will still have a pretty design.

I hope you enjoyed recreating this look for yourself at the convenience of your home. This is a pretty simple nail design that can be recreated easily and gives off a very refined and elegant look. This look is very flexible and can be worn on different occasions including formal events. You can certainly rock this style in the office and vow to your colleagues at the same time.


White is a dynamic color that looks amazing on its own and can be used as a base for other colors as well. This unassuming color when worn properly can bring out the cool and savvy style of the wearer and does much more than an accessory or bag can do.

So, rock this style on your fingernails and tell me about your experience. Do tell me which style you preferred, or whether you were successful in creating your own version. One thing is for sure nut white nails are here to stay and their adaptability and versatility can certainly lead to more beautiful designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are milky nails?

Milky nails are nut white nails and are fast becoming the latest style in nail manicures.

Are white nut nails in vogue?

Yes! The nut white nails are very much in vogue and are considered quite stylish.

What is the meaning behind nut white nails?

It is commonly understood that nut white nails denote that someone is single. It also means the wearer is ready to have a fresh start.

Is white nail polish common?

Not only is white nail polish common but it is also popular because this nail polish can be worn on its own or can be combined with other colours to make beautiful designs and patterns.

Is white nail polish considered tacky?

It really depends on you. If you use this color well not only it can make your manicure look amazing, but you can layer it with different colours and designs. If you don’t wear it well it might look tacky.

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