North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un missing? 

Kim Jong Un has not made any public appearances for a long time. This is resulting in raising questions over the condition of his health again. 

Recently, North Korea’s capital Pyongyang hosted mass military parades. Reportedly, the nation’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un was not present at the event. It has been more than a month since Kim restricted himself from public appearances.–0PvuA57Tk_x3N6w

According to the sources, Kim Jong Un didn’t attend the Politburo meeting scheduled on Sunday. The prolonged disappearances of the leader have raised questions about his health. Kim Jong Un previously took the most extended break from making public appearances in 2014 for 40 days. 

However, the parade for the 75th founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Army is expected to be held on Tuesday or Wednesday. The people of the region are expecting Kim to attend the event. Previously, Kim used such occasions to discuss the country’s nuclear weapons and missile program. 

The possibility of his appearance at the event hiked up as North Korea threatened to defend the US military moves a few days back with the most potent nuclear force in the country. 

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