North Korea’s Kim Jong Un presents a thorough presentation on the nation’s enhancement ahead of the new year

On Monday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a party workers’ meeting. The prime objective of the meeting was to declare important policies. 

It was a meeting between the party officials and the government was commenced as the year is coming to an end. It also highlighted the sudden launching of missiles like intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) by North Korea. 

Besides, around 5 drones were detected crossing South Korean territory, prodding Seoul, and are suspected of coming from North Korea. However, the number of the drone is still unclear. 

Kim Jong Un is, however, now focusing on several national issues, such as the drawbacks of the anti-coronavirus lockdown, natural calamities, global boycotts, economic hurdles and much more. In the meeting, the members brought up five crucial agendas that mainly focused on implementing necessary policies. They also worked on planning and drafting the budget for 2023. As per the reports, the prime objective for 2023 included the growth of various industries such as agriculture, construction, chemical, metal, electricity, and light. 

According to the sources, Kim Jong Un came up with a presentation on the nation’s enhancement in multiple aspects. In his presentation, he spoke about politics, the economy, culture and the country’s military.  The media of North Korea broadcasted the New Year’s Day speech by Kim Jong Un. In recent years, it appears like Kim is trying to make the party gatherings to declare new policy statements at the year’s end a new tradition.

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