North Korean Supreme Leader Promises ‘Overwhelming’ Military Power

Kim Jong Un, a North Korean leader has promised to develop an unstoppable and “overwhelming” military power.

The state media of North Korea has reported Kim Jong’s statement on Monday. He delivered the speech when he presided over the biggest missile launch of the nation.

After 2017, North Korea has for the first time exhibited a missile launch recently. Kim-Jong has stated that the development of the weapon is for the purpose of self-defence, not to start a war.

Hwasong-17, the influential ICBM was first revealed in the October of 2020. It has been regarded as the “monster missile” by the analysts.

Mr Kim in his speech at Self-Defence 2021 exhibition also addressed the military development at the South. He has reassured that North Korea does not want to start a war with its neighbouring countries.

“Only when one is equipped with the formidable striking capabilities, military power that cannot be stopped by anyone, one can prevent war, guarantee the security of the country and contain and put under control all the threats and blackmails by the imperialists”, Kim said to the crowd present in the launch, KCNA reported.

He added, “We will continue to attain the goal of reinforcing national defence capabilities.” The chosen time of the launch stay controversial as South Korea is going through a presidential transition and the US is primarily focused on the Russia-Ukraine war.

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