5 Best Narrow over the door pantry organizer in 2022

The difficulties one can face while living in a small space is almost universal knowledge. You might just need to play a game of treasure hunt every time you are looking for something in the cramped space, which ultimately drains your energy and time, for no good reason. However, if you can be creative, you can solve this problem very easily. You can use different, innovative tools that are available in the market, to organise everything in that small space itself. Let it be your messy closet or kitchen pantry, you can organise it all. Wondering how? You can invest on a narrow over the door pantry organiser, or similar such organisers to keep your items in order. These tools will help you save space and allow you to keep your belongings in place without being displayed in the open space. Today, we will discuss everything about narrow over the door pantry organiser, as we understand that a pantry can be one of the most crowded areas in your home. Thus, it becomes a necessity that you keep your pantry organised, in order to find everything effortlessly. Let us first try to get a clear picture of the pantry door organizer. 

What is a pantry door organizer and how is it different from a door mounted storage rack? 

A pantry door organizer is an innovative invention, which can help you stay organised, even if you are living in a small space. These organisers are smartly designed to accommodate your pantry products without taking up much space. They are simply hung on the door and grab minimal attention while someone walks into your kitchen or pantry space, leaving them wondering how well organised your pantry is.  

Well, many get confused between pantry door organizer and door mounted storage rack and consider them the same. But they are not the same! Door mounted storage racks are mounted or screwed on your pantry or cabinet door, their size also differs from pantry door organisers. These racks can be fitted anywhere throughout the house as kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinets, garages, bedrooms, etc. You can mount them on larger framed doors in general rooms or in the pantry.  

Whereas, pantry door organizer is larger in size and can extend the distance from the top most section to the lowest area of your pantry door. The main aspect of a pantry door storage are the tiered shelves. It can be used to organise and store jars, spices, cutlery, and other food containers. Basically, a pantry door organizer is larger and longer in size, you can hang it over on the door and use its tiered shelves for extra food storage. Whereas door mounted storage racks are smaller in size which might fail to accommodate your kitchen tools.  

Types of Pantry Door Organizers: 

The best thing about the pantry door organiser is that, it comes in different types and you can find many options and configurations to choose from. Besides, you can find pantry door organisers in different colours, textures, shelving styles, etc. so that you don’t have to compromise on the beauty of your interior. There are basically 6 types of Pantry door organizer, they are:  

  • Wire Baskets 
  • Plastic Baskets 
  • Pocket Organizers 
  • Fabric Compartments 
  • Fruit Storage Baskets 
  • Storage Racks & Hooks 

Now, if you are considering bringing a narrow over the door pantry organizer home, make sure you know everything about the factors that makes that one over the door pantry organizer the best. But, if you are already occupied and want someone else to do the research for you, don’t worry, this article has everything for you, because we understand that finding the right door pantry organizer is not an easy task. Thus, we came up with a well-researched list of the best door pantry organizers.  

List of the best narrow pantry door organizer:  

Following are the list of the best narrow over the door pantry organizer

01. ClosetMaid – Hanging Pantry Door Storage Organizer 

ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable

This product from ClosetMaid is one shot solution for everything that you can ask from an over the door pantry organizer. It is ideal for your pantry and comes in two different sizes: 12″ width and an 18″ width. It has adjustable  8-Tier Wall and Door Rack which will allow you to accommodate everything that you want. Besides, they are adjustable and thus you can customise it according to your requirements. The product includes all the necessary hardware pieces that you might need to organize your space. You can easily assemble it by following the installation guide. This product will help you have an organised oasis and this brand is serving people since more than 50 years now. They work everyday to provide the best solution to the people in keeping their house organised.   


  • It comes with 8-Tier Rack which are adjustable and can fit in kitchen, laundry room, kids room and other places around your home. 
  • You can install it behind a door or on a wall, according to your requirements. 
  • It is super durable and has strong epoxy coated steel construction. 
  • It requires minimal maintenance and can be cleaned easily with damp cloth only. 


  • The design of this product needs improvisation.  

02. Home Complete – Space Saving Pantry Door Organizer 

Over the Door Organizer

Are you struggling in organising your kitchen and pantry area? If yes! Than this organizer from Home Complete can be a blessing to you in this situation. It will save space for the essentials of your kitchen as it comes with 8 shelves that are conveniently adjustable. Besides, it has  3 stoppers as well to prevent taller items from falling out. This product is versatile in nature and can be used both as long or short rack. Installing this product is super smooth as the shelves come equipped with both over the door hooks and mount screws. This product is best for organizing and storing jars, cleaning products, spices, soda bottles, cereal boxes, and other such items.  


  • This organizer helps you in saving space for the essentials in your kitchen. 
  • It is versatile in nature and can be used both as long or short rack. 
  • You can easily install this product as the shelves are equipped with both over the door hooks and mount screws. 
  • It is ideal for storing jars, cleaning products, spices, soda bottles, cereal boxes, etc. 


  • The product doesn’t align well. 

03. SimpleHouseware – Hanging Pantry Door Organizer with Pockets 

2 Pack - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Pantry Organizer

This organizer is ideal to store smaller items, that mostly remains unattended in the pantry. The smaller items are more prone to get lost or remain unattended. That is when you realise the requirement of have a door pantry organizer specifically for small items. This product is easily accessible and can accommodate cold medicines, spices, teas, K-Cups or dog treats, etc.  


  • It comes with 2-Pack, 15 clear pockets over-the-door organizer each. 
  • It is an ideal pick for pantry, laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 
  • You can hand it with 3 hooks, without using any hardware. 
  • It comes with crystal clear pockets, through which you can easily see your content.  


  • It is not very practical for holding big items. 

04. Smart Design – Pantry Door Organizer with Deep Shelves 

Smart Design Over The Door Adjustable Pantry Organizer Rack

This pantry door organizer is popular for its versatile basket. It comes with smartly designed 5-Tier Over-The-Door Pantry Organizer w/ 5 Rows and steel hooks for door hanging, which are not just efficient but durable as well. It is made of sturdy, strong and rust resistant steel. Besides, it also has interlocking shelves which will help you accommodate more household items in it. This can fit both small and large items in it in a systematic order. You can start by storing light and small items in the top shelves and heavier and bigger items in the lower shelves. Its adjustable basket shelves will allow you to adjust it according to your requirements and the space of your room.  Installing this product is also very easy as it hangs over the door with the help of sturdy hooks and screws. 


  • This product is made of sturdy, strong and rust resistant steel, which makes it super durable. 
  • It has steel wire which helps it stay in place. 
  • It can nicely hang over doors. 
  • It defines quality. 
  • It comes with smartly designed 5-Tier Over-The-Door Pantry Organizer w/ 5 Rows and steel hooks for door hanging. 
  • This can fit both small and large items in it in a systematic order. 


  • There are no 3M hooks available with the product. 

05. Household Essentials – Pantry Storage Organizer 

Household Essentials 6-Tier Basket

This rack from Household Essentials will let you add an easy and accessible storage solution in nearly any room in your home. You can use it in your pantry to organise spices, small tools or appliances, aluminium foil or sandwich bags and other such items. Besides, it can also be used in keeping the bathroom organised by accommodating small toiletries, appliances, towels, etc. You can use it in the garage, or office, or a craft room to house essential supplies and tools. You can use it in a closet to organize small accessories or articles of clothing and many more. This product is made of strong, durable, lightweight, and high quality metal frame and plastic. You will find two attachable over-the-door hooks to accommodate different door widths, which will allow you to use the hooks that best fit your door safely and securely. Besides, this multipurpose pantry organiser is a ready to assemble product, which you can yourself easily setup by following the instruction guide. 


  • This over the door pantry organiser comes with two different over the door hooks to fit different door thicknesses. 
  • It has six baskets, that you can use to store a number of items on the back of any door. 
  • You can use the organiser to store pantry items, craft supplies, spices, toiletries and much more. 
  • It is a ready to assemble product, which you can yourself setup easily. 
  • This item can increase the food pantry capacity by about 25%. 


  • You have to attach Velcro on this product to stop it from slamming on the door. 

How to Choose a Narrow Pantry Door Organizer: A Buying Guide? 

Selecting the best narrow pantry door organizer can be overwhelming, as there are plenty of them in the market. But you can’t just go straight and pick up the one that comes first, can you? You have to look for some important factors before making a purchase. But what are they? Keep reading, because we have noted down some of the most important factors that you must consider before buying a narrow pantry door organizer: 

Size: This is one of the most important factors that you must look for before buying an over the door pantry organizer. Measure the size of your door and the organizer, check the height and width of both and bring home the one that fits well to the dimensions of your door.  

Compatible thickness: You will see that most over-the-door style pantry organizers can easily work on doors with a thickness of 1-3/4″ and less. Make sure to check if the pantry organizer that you select is compatible to the thickness of your door. Thus, check the specifications of the product minutely before making a purchase.  

Quality: This factor is the one which you should never compromise on while buying anything. The situation is not different while you are shopping for an over the door pantry organizer. Go for the one which is made of metal wire, as metal wire is strong and can hold the weight of large and small items as well. 

Apart of these crucial points, you must also look for the other general criteria, such as reviews and ratings that are posted by the experienced customers, features offered, suitable colours, warranty policies offered by the brand, budget etc. 


Here we are almost at the end of this article. Hope it could prove itself informative and helpful to you in your shopping journey. We have tried to cover all the important information for you. However, before picking one don’t forget to verify some important aspects like installation compatibility, size, dimensions, etc.  

Other than that, over the door pantry organizer is a useful product that will help you transform your messy kitchen and pantry area to a well organised space. However, it is suggested to use extra hooks or Velcro strips to avoid slamming of doors when it is closed. Do you still have any other questions peeping through your confused mind? Don’t worry and keep reading. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): 

We understand that one can have several questions going on into their mind while they decide to buy something. And that’s why, we thought of answering some of the most commonly asked questions related to narrow over the door pantry organizer in the Frequently asked questions section given below:  

How to organise narrow pantry?

While you head to organise your narrow pantry, it is best if you can avoid placing items directly onto the shelf. Instead, you must use baskets or other similar things and place the group of items together. This will not just help you stay organized, but will also save your time in finding them. 

What is the smallest pantry door size? 

The smallest size of a pantry door is the standard size for an average interior door, which is 24 inches, and the minimum height is 80 inches. 

How to Prevent a Door Storage Rack From Swinging? 

Well, there are various smart ways to keep your over-the-door storage from swaying or swinging out. You can try using command hooks to stick on both your door and on the frame of the storage rack. Or you can also use good quality Velcro straps and stick it on one side of the frame and one side of the door, It will stick to each other and eliminate swinging. And you can also consider using zip ties to secure any multi-basket products from moving around. 

Can I use an over the door organizer in my bathroom? 

Over the door organizers are versatile tools, which can not just help you organise your pantry, but can also be used in bathrooms to organise toiletries, towels, small appliances, and much more. They can also be used in bedrooms, garages, etc. 


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  • Found out that there are different types of over the door pantry organisers. 
  • Found out which are the best narrow over the door pantry organisers. 
  • Highlighted a few important points to look for while shopping for a pantry organiser. 
  • Explored the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

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