Medieval Treasure Trove Dating Back 1,000 Years Unearthed in the Netherlands

The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities has announced the discovery of a unique medieval treasure by a Dutch historian, Lorenzo Ruijter. The treasure includes four golden ear pendants, two strips of gold leaf, and 39 silver coins. It was found in the small northern city of Hoogwoud using a metal detector. According to experts from the National Museum of Antiquities, the newest coin can be suspected back from around 1250. The museum has also mentioned that the golden ornaments are from the High Middle Ages and are quite rare in the Netherlands, making this discovery significant.

Ruijter, who has been treasure hunting since he was 10 years old, said that discovering something of such value was a special experience. The treasure’s objects were investigated, cleaned, and dated by experts, which took two years. Although the reason for the treasure’s burial remains a mystery, the museum has highlighted that there were speculations of a war between Dutch regions West Friesland and Holland in the middle of the 13th century, with Hoogwoud at the epicenter. 

The treasure’s archaeological significance led to it being loaned to the museum, which will display it, but the finder, Lorenzo Ruijter, will remain its official owner. The museum added that the treasure must have been an expensive and cherished possession, even when it was buried.

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