Matte Vs Glossy Business Cards design ideas for beginner in 2023

Business cards are visible representations of your company. Whether you have a small company or a corporate business, having a business card helps you in developing your professional outlook. Knowing which type of business card to choose can be tricky and you might need a little additional help.  

Before choosing the type of business card, it is important to understand their specific uses. Different types of business cards help your business appear differently in front of your potential clients and customers.

The different outlooks serve different purposes. Business cards usually have important details like the company’s logo, contact number and email address. You can also add a small description of your work on the card. The surface of the business card plays an important role in your approach.

However, before we get into the debate of Matte Vs Glossy surface, it is vital to explore and understand the different types of business cards.

5 Different Types of Business Cards

The best way to decide your preference is to go through the different options. Let us dive into the types of business cards you can work with.

01. Classic Business Cards

If you prefer simplicity and minimalism, classic business cards are the best options for you. They have all the required information on them and you can design them according to your own choice.

02. Wild-Format Business Cards

Unlike classic business cards, wild-format business cards have a creative outlook. They can be foldable or tiny, depending upon your preferences. They are a good option if you are going for a unique look.

03. Social Networker’s Business Cards

Why not only include only your social media handles? A social networker’s business card includes only the social media links of your business. You can choose to have your website’s QR code printed on it. This will surely save you all the unwanted phone calls.

04. Gadget Business Cards

Yes, having your code printed is cool. But do you know what is better? Having a transformable business card. Gadget business cards will surely give your clients an amazing impression on your business.  And they will also inspire you to become more creative.

05. Typographic Business Cards

Although all the business cards are typographic, there is something mesmerizing about the business cards that specifically opt for typographic look. They definitely pass the creative check and are very attractive. Graphic designers definitely love to design typographic business cards. 

Matte Vs Glossy business card

Even with the growing digital space, business still prefer handing their customers and clients printed business cards. A lot of companies also provide their executives with the cards.

The contact details of the executives and the company help the clients maintain a healthy relationship with them. And since business cards are shared mostly in person, they have a longer lasting impression on the receiver. You can grow a more intimate relationship with your customers by being available to them.

And since business cards play an important role in your business relationship, it is important to choose the surface finish that speaks more about your company.

Matte Business Cards

Matte Business Cards

Matte business cards have more standard and sophisticated looks. They are undoubtedly the modern version of business cards.


In today’s world, matte finish is the most popular surface of almost everything. Every person nowadays is opting for the clean look offered by matte finish. If you want a more sophisticated and minimalistic look, matte coat has to be your top choice.

Unlike glossy coats, you do not have to worry about your finger print on the matte coats. They provide a contemporary look and are more modern. Another bonus point is that you can easily write anything on the matte cards and they will be completely visible.


One of the biggest disadvantages of matte coats is that they are not durable. They are also pricier than the glossy cards. Matte business cards also have a tendency to fade out when they are not stored properly.

 So, if you opt for matte cards, make sure to store them properly, otherwise you might find their edges torn.

Glossy Business Cards

Glossy Business Cards

If you are orthodox and prefer classic-looking things, glossy business cards are for you. Glossy business cards have a shiny surface and they are more vibrant.

  • Glossy business cards offer your cards with additional protection, making them more durable. They are classic and add an attractive outlook to your business cards. Their glossy surface makes the color of the cards pop, making your card’s different colors look radiant.
  • A photograph, logo or headshot will look excellent on a glossy finish. Glossy surface will undoubtedly highlight the different colors and components of the business card.
  • Since all the important contact details and descriptions are added to the business card, it is important for them to be readable. This is a setback of glossy business cards; the written text on your card is often not readable on the glossy finish.
  • Another disadvantage of glossy surfaces is that they often appear unclean. Your fingerprints can easily stick to them, making them look dirty. If you opt for a glossy business card, make sure you ask the printing company to add additional layers to the card.


We have listed the differences of matte and glossy business cards. Since you now have the idea of which business card to opt for, we hope that you will immediately go to the printing press and order your lot of cards. Enhance your business and get your favorite business card now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put on a business card?

The most important things to add to your business cards are your company’s logo, website, contact details, and description.

Are business cards still relevant?

Yes, even in 2022, business cards are still as popular as ever.

Do business cards help the business grow?

Yes, business cards might be old-school but they are preferred by most businesses and consumers.

What is the cost of making a business card?

Depending on your preference, a business card can cost between $10 to $500.

How can I write on a glossy business card?

You can write on a glossy business card by using a permanent marker.

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