12 Top Manufacturing Companies in Louisiana 2023

With low production costs and plenty of available resources, Louisiana has become a business hub for the continental US. Especially when it comes to the petrochemical and oil industries, the US state is an amazing place for business. Whether you are preparing to launch your own company or trying to find a job, the manufacturing companies and opportunities in Louisiana can provide you with a great many alternatives.

Manufacturing companies are one of the most important businesses in today’s world. Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing industries have played a vital role in the world’s development. A study in the USA estimated that there are at least 10 million factories over the world. Another research has claimed that in America, there 638, 583 manufacturing businesses.

And with the growth of companies all over the world, it is important to always be steady and on the field. Being a financial hub, Louisiana homes many big multinational companies. If you want to learn more about these companies, you have landed on the right page.

List of the Top Manufacturing Companies in Louisiana

Let us dive deep into the list of all the top manufacturing companies in Louisiana:

01. The Dow Chemical Co

Dow chemical
FILE PHOTO: The Dow logo is seen on a building in downtown Midland, Michigan, in this May 14, 2015 file photograph. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

With over 54,000 employees, The Dow Chemical Co is one of the most established companies in Louisiana. Founded in 1897, the company now has a presence in 160 countries around the globe. Dow Chemical has its headquarters in Midland and six factories in Louisiana. If you look at the company’s website, you will find that it ships over 100 types of chemicals all over the world. Without a doubt, Dow Chemical is the largest petrochemical plant in the state with its site in Plaquemine being the largest, with 1,600 employees.

02. Sasol Chemicals North America

Sasol Chemicals North America

Originally based out of South Africa, Sasol Chemicals North America is one of the biggest companies in Louisiana. With its presence in 30 countries, the company is an established global chemical and energy firm. The company’s site in Westlake, Louisiana is one of its most successful and largest factories with over 1,500 employees. Sasol Chemicals produce a large number of chemicals including non-ionic surfactants, paraffin, ethylene, alkylates and polyethylene. If you are planning to apply in a chemical firm, Sasol Chemicals is definitely a good option.

03. Oceaneering International, Inc

Oceaneering International, Inc

Being the third-largest manufacturing industrial employer in Louisiana, Oceaneering International, Inc has over 1, 4000 employees in Morgan City. If you look up the company, you can find that they specialize in oilfield services, gas industry products, industrial products, and deep-water hardware. And the most important part about this company is that it is a global leader in engineering services. Whether you want oil and case, aerospace, defense, or any other industrial good, Oceaneering International can always help you.

04. Exxon Mobil Refining and Supply

Exxon Mobil Refining and Supply

Located in the east bank of the Mississippi river, Exxon Mobil Refining and Supply is one of the biggest oil refinery companies of Louisiana. And that’s not it, the oil refinery is the fifth largest in the whole United states. Specializing in fuel like diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, waxes and lubricating oils, the company was established as the Standard Oil Company of Louisiana in 1909. Exxon Mobil has had its presence in 1870 when John. D. Rockefeller and his associates established it in Ohio. If you are looking for a job at an oil refinery, the company is the fourth largest employer in the state with 1,300 employees.

05. Westlake Chemical Corp.

Westlake Chemical Corp.

When talking about a globally leading petrochemical company, you can never leave Westlake Chemical Corp out. Founded in 1986 by ting Tsung Chao, the company has over 16, 000 people all over the world. In fact, Westlake Chemical has over 1, 250 employees in Louisiana itself. The company deals in a range of industrial goods, including polymers, petrochemicals and fabricated building products. You may be surprised to hear that the company has a revenue of USD 8.6 billion.

06. Stuller, Inc

Stuller, Inc

Taking a break from all the industrial companies, let us talk about the country’s biggest jewelry manufacturer. Founded by Matthew Stuller in 1970, the company has become one of the finest jewelry designers around the world. Be it bridal or fashion jewelry, you can find everything you like in this designer jewellery manufacturing company. Stuller has around 1, 200 employees at its Lafayette location. The company has a great and communicative work environment, making it one of the best choices if you are looking for a friendly work space.

07. BASF Corp.

Another important manufacturer of chemicals, BASF is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Louisiana. The German manufacturing company is believed to be the world’s largest supplier of chemicals. Since its establishment in 1985, Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik has made a big name in the chemical world and its total value is USD 7.9 billion. BASF is popular for its role in serving the pharmaceutical, production of industrial chemicals, textile, automotive industries and construction. The worldwide company has its factory in Geismar, Louisiana where it has around 1, 100 employees. With having three more sites in the US, you can easily find the company in your suitable location.

08. CITGO Petroleum Corp.

With a total of 3, 400 workers around the state, CITGO Petroleum is definitely one of the largest oil companies in the state. The US-based company has two refiners across the state, one in Westlake and another, its headquarters in Houston. CITGO deals as a refiner, transporter, and marketer of fuels. The company was founded in Oklahoma, in the year 1910. It has 1, 100 employees in its Westlake branch so if you are interested in the company, you definitely stand a chance.

09. Exxon Mobil Chemical Co.

Just like its counterpart, Exxon Mobil Chemical is also famous all over the world. However, unlike its counterpart, the company is not a refinery, instead, it is one of the biggest chemical companies. Exxon Mobil chemical primarily converts natural gas and crude oil into petrochemical feedstocks. And these feedstocks are later used in electronics, vitamin capsules, medical equipment, clothing, tires, and many more. The company majorly focuses on products like vinyl acetate, co-monomers, ethylene, and modifiers. If you have a chemistry background, you can easily blend with the already existing 1, 100 employees in its Baton Rouge facility.

10. Frank’s International, LLC

Based in the US, Frank’s International is a popular energy service provider in the state. Founded in 1938, the company has around 1, 100 employees at its Lafayette site. Frank’s International claim that they prove to their customers with “insightful solutions, dependable competency, and award-winning safety”. The company is leading around the globe in providing engineering services and fabrication, along with good construction, drilling technologies, and intervention solution. You can find more about this company on their website or social media handles.

11. ASCO

Founded in 1954, ASCO operates in four different countries, including Germany, the USA, Canada, and Belgium. The company is the primary manufacturer of electrical machinery, supplies, and equipment. With 1, 300 employees, the company is thriving and if you want to be a part of it, now is a great time. The policies of the company state that they will train you to become the best at your job by facing challenges and learning team spirit.

12. Procter & Gamble

Unlike most of our listed companies, Procter & Gamble does not deal in chemicals or fuel. Instead, the company mainly focuses on manufacturing cleaning and laundry supply products along with personal care and cosmetic items. Founded in 1837, P & G has a net worth of USD 392 billion. The most popular product of the company is believed to be pampered. If you want to work for a big manufacturer, its site in Pineville, Louisiana can be a good start for you.


With all the listed companies, you should not find it difficult to find the right manufacturer in Louisiana. The list of top manufacturing companies in Louisiana has been carefully curated to bring only the best options for you. Whether you want to apply for a corporate job or are trying to seek inspiration, these well-established businesses will fulfill your motive. And if you were wondering just how big of a financial hub Louisiana is, you can now get a rough idea. Now go and fulfill your desire right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some major industries established in Louisiana?

Among all the major industries, natural gas, oil, chemicals, agriculture and commercial fishing are the most vital ones.

What are the leading manufactured products in Louisiana?

Coal, chemical, and petroleum are the leading manufactured products in Louisiana.

Which is the biggest industry in Louisiana?

With forming 8.1% of the state’s total GDP, coal and petroleum manufacturing is the biggest industrial sector of Louisiana.

Who is the largest employer in Louisiana?

CenturyLink has a total of 45, 000 employees, making it the state’s largest employer.

Which is the largest chemical plant in Louisiana?

Louisiana Operations near Plaquemine is one of the largest chemical plants in the state.

How many chemical plants are there in Louisiana?

There are over 150 chemical plants established in Louisiana.

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