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Mamma Mia themed party: Invitation, decoration & menu

If you’re a Mamma Mia themed party fan, raise your hand! A Mamma Mia themed party will bring you into the dancing queen mood right at your own home even if you can’t make it to Donna’s hotel in Greece anytime soon. Whether you’re planning a Mamma Mia themed party for a child’s birthday or an adult-themed night, we definitely have the perfect plan for you! It is always a nice idea to come up with a surprise theme that gives the guests a sense of being immersed in food, entertainment, and decor. Fun fancy dress-up themes are also a great way to get your guests involved.
Mamma Mia was originally an ABBA song which became a musical and then turned into a film, and after that turned into another film, and which has now been turned into an immersive experience where you can really see it all. In Mamma Mia themed parties, game themes are based around the movie, and after the children have eaten, dance is taught to show off after the disco. The birthday child’s favorite Abba music will be played at the disco, and the party is also topped off with a snow machine! “Mamma Mia” parties aren’t just for last summer. It’s exciting to celebrate a birthday or other milestone with a “Mamma Mia”-themed party. So, you can send a “Mamma Mia”-style S.O.S. no matter what the season is. It’s a great way to warm up a cold night or to make summer nights even hotter with a “Mamma Mia” movie-themed party.

Mamma Mia themed party ideas

Mamma Mia party invitation ideas

If you are planning for a Mamma Mia party, it’s probably the time to start thinking about invitations for upcoming Mamma Mia-themed parties or other events. You only seem to have two choices these days: either you purchase a few boxes of plain, boring invitations from the superstore or you look through Pinterest crafts endlessly until you get overwhelmed. However, you don’t have to be an expert to create personalized and stunning invitations for the party. To create original “Mamma Mia” party invitations, you can use an invitation template or design your own with a word processing program. Thus, if you prefer, you can always make your own handmade invitations and start with a pencil before designing the invitation. The front of the invitation should be decorated with a disco ball and music notes. To give your invitations the 1970s feel, choose a bold font, such as Broadway or Castellar. Make your invitations catchy with words from the 1970s, such as “groovy” or “far-out”, or sing one of the Abba songs or lyrics from the soundtrack to the Mamma Mia movie. You can decorate the invitations with paisley patterns in bright colors.

Mamma Mia themed party decoration ideas

Mamma Mia party decoration ideas
  • Abba’s disco music plays in the background of Mamma Mia, which is set on a Greek island. The centrepiece of any “Mamma Mia” party is a flower arrangement, but for a disco-inspired arrangement, include mirrored Styrofoam balls and silver sequins. The food table features Aphrodite’s fountain in the form of a small table-top fountain. Embellish the table with dolphin and sea creature images. Tablecloths can be made from gauzy white fabrics printed with blue floral patterns, or they can be made from white lace. Use vibrantly printed fabrics or shimmering fabrics for an elegant table setting. Consider setting up lighted disco balls, mirror balls, and tropical plants on the stage area if you are holding karaoke contests. The traditional lighting can be replaced by backlights.
  • No Mamma Mia would be complete without bright, cheerful colours. To match the movie cover, we can choose hot pink and bright blue, but green, yellow or orange would definitely work as well. Adding pink flower arrangements and red and silver balloons to your space will make your space appear simple and effective. Streamers make a colourful door entry to your party if you want to go all out with your decorations. To serve food in style, purchase white and blue dishes. To add a personal touch, consider using tapestries, novelty items and also fairy lights.

Decorations based on movie scenes

You should be considering which movie scene you would want to recreate when looking for decorations to go with the Mamma Mia themed party.

  • Several parts of the movie can be used for the party decor. You can use lots of rich blues, so people will be reminded of Donna’s beautiful blue doors and shutters from the movie, if you want the party to look like the parts that take place near Donna’s Hotel and on the island
  • It would be nice if there were lots of karaoke music, microphones and disco balls to recreate the scene from Sophie’s Hen Do. Under the disco balls, have the ladies perform and blow the night away. Party decorations like these are also great for birthdays. In addition, if you plan to go mobile, just take these disco sticks with you. Swizzle the disco swizzle sticks into your drinks while you are out bar hopping. The sticks also make fantastic party favours for other themed parties as well.

Mamma mia party menu/ Greek food options

Mamma mia party menu

If you are having a Mamma Mia theme party, the food should always be fresh, good, crisp, and reminiscent of foods typically consumed on Greek islands in the Mediterranean. It is important for meat-eaters that the beef and lamb are succulent and abundant, with flavourful dips and flatbreads to accompany them. A large salad of Mousaka is ideal for vegetarians who love tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

You can expect the best quality of food when all the produce is sourced locally and delivered fresh every evening. For those who are more ambitious, gyros, zucchini pies, and spanakopita are other options. Alternatively, you can serve simple snacks on skewers. Figs, mozzarella, and pancetta can be skewered on a stick with olives and feta cheese for a quick appetizer. Finish the meal with phyllo dough-wrapped baklava and chocolate soufflé. Prepare a delicious Mediterranean main course to transport your guests to the sands of Kalokairi. You can serve your guests a tropical flower-adorned hotel cake for dessert. The most delicious party you’ve ever hosted will be remembered forever if you provide your guests with blue flower-patterned cookies

Also, for those who want to celebrate and opt for a Mamma Mia-themed bachelorette party, Cookies are also a good bachelorette party dessert and bachelorette party favor for them. Mamma Mia cookies may include sayings such as “Mamma Mia!” There’s a Wedding Coming,” and ” Lake Wife Lake Life,”

Drinks served in Mamma Mia themed party

Drinks served in Mamma Mia themed party

With these adorable disco ball bottles, you can drink in style no matter what you are drinking. I love how creative they are and how cute they look Authentic Greek wine is available alongside world wines in disco ball bottles along with the world wines that you would get in a real Greek bar. Here are some of the drinks that will go well with a Mamma Mia party-

  • S.O.S. – A Long Iced Tea made with Raspberry Puree, Lemonade, and Fresh Lemon.
  • Trouper Super – The Raspberry Chocolate Chip Shake is topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sprinkles and spiked with Chocolate Liqueur.
  • Waterloo – Almond liqueur and Kahlua are poured over strawberry ice cream in a hot chip chocolate lining glass and complemented by toasted almonds and liquor.
  • Kalokairi – Whipped Cream and Toasted Coconut Topped with Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice and Blue Curacao
  • The Dancing Queen – An amaretto drink mixed with soda and orange juice, topped off with grenadine and it is Served over ice.
  • Voulez-Vous – Hazelnut liqueur and white chocolate syrup over hot coffee and it is Decorated with Hazelnuts and Whipped Cream.

The dress code and Costume Ideas

The dress code and Costume Ideas

The attire or the costume is one of the favorite aspects of the theme. Bright colors, positive attitudes, and general joy pervade Mamma Mia’s movie. Colors are shown everywhere throughout the movie and it’s one of its specialties. It would be appropriate to wear platform shoes, bellbottoms, frayed dresses, etc. because Donna is a 70s kind of gal who is the main character in the mamma mia movie. Your guests need to be dressed to the nines if you are having a themed party. The perfect Sophie-inspired ensemble for your Instagram feed is bottom jeans, boho maxi skirts, and flowy blouses, or you can choose casual wear such as baggy button-up shirts and capris or a peasant blouse with overalls. You can also wear maxi dresses and button-front shirts with bell-bottom pants. Almost all thrift stores and consignment shops carry vintage 1970s clothing. This means wearing flared pants, wearing halter tops, and being fully committed will also be appropriate for these parties. During college or your early career, you might not have the money to buy the theme-based costume for the party, Thanks to Pinterest and YouTube tutorials, we’re in the age of Donnas and Dynamos this Halloween, both of which you can create on the internet. Also, you can copy the look from Donna and the Dynamos if you really want to go all out. You cannot have a Donna and the Dynamos performance without go-go boots, BTW.

The activities which you can perform in Mamma Mia themed party

activities in Mamma Mia themed party

If you like humour, there is no reason you shouldn’t throw a humour-themed party. Here are some great ideas to go with the Mamma Mia theme if you are planning to throw a humour-themed party.

  • If you have a disco dance floor and Abba karaoke, then you can dance and jive with your friends.
  • Your guests will enjoy playing Mamma Mia trivia and listening to your favourite tunes from the soundtrack. Watch both Mamma Mia movies after the sun sets with a projector
  • A Mamma Mia theme would go well with a Greek toga party and a ’70s disco party. In addition to baklava and mini gyros, you should serve food that represents the setting of the Greek islands. There should be a variety of drinks offered and, at the same time, ouzo shots should be included. In order to decorate the walls for the party, you should put up few of the posters of Greece and also cut-outs of the movie Mamma Mia.
  • Include karaoke sing-alongs in your party to make it more enjoyable. During your evening celebrations, make sure that the movie’s songs are included in the sing-along

You may also want to consider renting these party accessories from a reputable party rental company if you don’t have enough money to spend on the right party accessories for your theme. All that remains now is to pack and enjoy the Mamma Mia weekend after you’ve figured out the details and marked the date down in your planner with one too many exclamation points!

The musical Mamma Mia is a huge hit not just with parents, but also with their children too! If your child loves to sing and dance, this is definitely going to be the perfect party for him. They can experience what it’s like to be being Popstars and movie stars for one day. With Abba’s greatest hits playing in the background, the kids get to learn dances from a professional dancer, relive scenes from the Mamma Mia movie, and also at the same time play games. Thus, featuring food music, celebration, drinks surely inspire you to get you dancing by creating a party atmosphere – and who doesn’t like celebrating? Therefore, your next backyard party is sure to be the topic of conversation on the island or even just in your group chat. It will be a party they will never forget. After they experience your Mamma Mia-themed party, your guests will definitely be begging for a sequel. Have you hosted any Mamma Mia themed party? Tell us all about it! The next time you host a party, how will you incorporate this theme? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Take a photo of your Mamma Mia themed party and tag us @thereaderstime on Instagram.

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