Liz Truss’s ‘jury is out’ remark made her face criticism

Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary has been criticized over her “jury was still out” remark, which she passed on French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to the sources she stated the same, after she was asked what is her opinion on Mr. Macron being a for or friends of the United Kingdom during the struggle of Tory’s leadership period. She said that “jury was still out” and further added that she would judge him on “deeds not words”.

Her statement made her face several criticism lately. Labour’s David Lammy attacked Ms. Truss by saying that she has lack of judgement and accused her of insulting a “Britain’s closest allies”. The ex Conservative minister Gavin Barwell also raised a question against Ms. Truss’s comment and said that nobody thought the foreign secretary had any idea about the military alliance with France. David Gauke, an ex-Tory minister, bashed her by saying that one plays at the gallery and there are others that take side of the gallery in order to move ahead, during this time, which is not very right to try to fragment the West.

Liz Truss is the Foreign Secretary of UK who is the clear leader to run for the next prime minister. Her remark at the penultimate leadership political campaign received loud applause in the event. It came while the campaign was coming to an end, during a series of “quickfire questions” that were asked by the TalkTV host, Julia Hartley-Brewer. The event lasted for two long hours, where Ms. Truss and Mr. Rishi Sunak took part. While the same question was asked to Mr. Sunak, he said that Mr. Macron was a “friend” to the United Kingdom. He was also asked who amongst Boris Johnson or their leadership rival, can be a better Prime Minister, he replied and selected Ms. Truss as it was essential for the country to head forward. However, Ms. Truss herself picked Mr. Johnson which helped her gain applause from the crowd of the Conservative Party members.

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