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List of Australian Boat Manufacturers: Top 10 Boat Brands

Have you ever wondered who are the biggest boat brands of Australia? We have specifically created the list of Australian boat manufacturers for you.

Marine crafts have been one of the most important modes of transportation for centuries. Even before airplanes and trains were invented, water transportation existed. Merchants, aristocrats and soldiers used to travel via water for moving from one place to the other. World history has indeed been affected by the existence of marine world. You probably already know about the historic significance of ships and boats.

And you can understand historic significance of boats given how they have existed and served the people. According to research, the oldest boat that has been recovered is the Pesse Canoe, which was built around 8,000 BCE. Since then, the world had adopted marine travel as its most important mode of traveling.

Over the years, the significance of marine traveling has slightly decreased because of other transportation discovery. Flights and trains have added to the transportation mode largely. However, it will be wrong of us to assume that water transportation has lost its significance completely. Be it traveling in a lake or ocean, you will need to depend on ships and boats. That is why, watercraft manufacturing is one of the biggest businesses in the world.

In Australia only, there are multiple boat manufacturers. In our list of Australian boat manufactures, we have included only the best from the field. Let us take a look on the list:

1. The Haines Group


Established in 1959, The Haines Group is one of Australia’s biggest boat brands. Founded by John Sydney and his family, the company has been the leader of boat manufacturing with over 60 years of experience in the field.

If you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer of boats and their accessories, The Haines Group is definitely a great option. The award-winning company is popular for manufacturing their range of fiberglass boats. They also have an online store namely Seachange Boating.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.thehainesgroup.com

Address: 140 Viking Dr, Wacol QLD 4076, Australia

Phone number: +61 7 3271 4400

2. Riviera Australia Pty. Ltd

Riviera Australia Pty. Ltd

One of the largest luxuries yacht manufactures of the Southern Hemisphere, Riviera Australia Pty. Ltd was founded in 1980. Not only in Australia, the company has made an influential name for itself all over the world.

Over the 40 years functioning, the company has launched over 5,700 luxury motor yachts. If you are looking for quality-built yachts, they are indeed a great option. The most popular product models of Rivera Australia are Flybridge Enclosed, Sports Motor Yacht, Flybridge Open, Belize Daybridge and SUV.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.rivieraaustralia.com

Address: 50 Waterway Dr, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia

Phone number: +61 7 5502 5555

3. Commercial Marine Australia

Commercial Marine Australia

Integrated in 2015, Commercial Marine Australia is one of the country’s biggest watercraft manufacturers. When it comes to Australian aluminum boat manufacturers, the are one of the highest grossing companies.

It might be delightful for you to know that Commercial Marine won an award for being the ‘best large tourist vessel’ in 2020. With the finest designers in their team, they are always trying to help their clients in designing and building boats. Some of their most prominent services are Aluminum Boat Building, Marine Engineering and Re Powe, Refit, Repair.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.cmaustrlia.build

Address: Shed 22/52 Wyuna Ct, Hemmant QLD 4174, Australia

Phone number: +61 7 3893 1346

4. Razerline Custom Boat Builders


We can never emit Razerline Custom Boat Builder from our list of Australian boat manufactures. With 30 years of experience in the filed of boat building, the company has proved itself as a key player in the boat market.

The family business is one of the biggest Australian boat manufacturers. They are definitely someone you should consider when looking for a boat building company. Along with building customized boats, the company also sells already built boats. From newly built boats to pre-used, many online websites list Razerline’s well-built boats.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.razerline.com

Address: 68 Berriman Dr, Wangara WA 6065, Australia

Phone number: +61 438 168 423

5. Australian Master Marine

 Australian Master Marine

Since its integration in 1994, Australian Master Marine has been one of the biggest boat manufacturers of Australia. Known for their quality and efficiency, the company has brought many innovations in their boating journey.

Their award-winning custom plate alloy boats can without a doubt have a lasting impression on you. The most popular plate alloy boats that this company has manufactured are Weekender Series, Tournament Series, Sea Class, Centre Console and Trailers. Without a doubt, their wide range of products are also best in quality.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.australianmastermarine.com

Address: 7 Leonard Cres, Brendale QLD 4500, Australia

Phone number: +61 7 3889 7380

6. Nautic Star


Never compromising in standards, Nautic Stars is one of the most important companies in our list of Australian boat manufacturers. Established in 1999, the company has been thriving in the field for over 20 years now.

Popular for building one of the most prominent lines of specialized aluminum vessels, the company is definitely great in the field. You might be surprised to know that the company provides boats with top speed. Some of the areas they build crafts are Search and Rescue, Commercial, Law Enforcement, Recreational, Research and Science, and Trailers.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.nauticstar.com

Address: 1/12 Chrysler Rd, Lonsdale SA 5160, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 8326 2212

7. Evolution Boats Australia

Evolution boots

When listing the best boating services in Australia, Evolution Boats is without a doubt a very important one. With three awards for their best services in making fishing boats, the company can be called the best in this field.

Having years of experience in making fiberglass offshore fishing boats, the company’s products have been listed as the best in their categories. Some of the most known models of this company are 500 Cuddy, 500 Santa Fe, 500 Sportfisher, 552 Silver series, 552 Gold series, 552 Platinum, 550 gold, 550 Platinum, 650 Predator, 600 Apex Extreme and 600 Tournament Enclosed.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.evolutionboats.com

Address: 4/254 Canterbury Rd, BayswaterVIC 3153, Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9738 0085

8. Ocean Mater Boats

Ocean master boats

With 40 years of experience in the field, Ocean Master Boats is one of the best boat companies of Australia. When talking about quality, we can definitely count on them.

You can understand why the company takes pride in their products by going through their portfolio. Ocean Master is undoubtedly a pioneer in building fiberglass boats. The company is popular for manufacturing Challenger Series, Senator Series, Enterprise Series and Explorer series.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.oceanmasterboats.com

Address: 1/39 Yazaki Way, Carrum Down VIC 3201, Australia.

Phone number: +61 451 551 551

9. Alucraft Boats


Founded in 1989, Alucraft has been pushing itself hard to provide its customers with the best services. It is probably one of the most flexible service providers in the marine industry.

We definitely consider them as one of the best in the list of Australian boat manufactures. Some of the areas Alucraft provide their services in are prototype Construction, Turn Key Delivery, Engine/Waterjet Packages, In House CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC Pre-cut Packages and assistance to Boat Yards.

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.alucraftboats.com

Address: 9 Possner Way, Henderson WA 6166, Australia

Phone number: +61 9 9437 1581

10. Maritimo


Last but not the least, Maritimo is without a doubt one of the biggest boat manufacturers in Australia. Popular for being authentic and efficient, the company is a giant in the field of yacht manufacturing.

If you are into sophistication, you will without a doubt love their manufactured boats. Some of the most popular yachts Maritimo has produced are M- Series, S- Series, X- Series and Offshore Series Motor Yacht. 

For contacting them, you can reach out to them on the information we have provided below:

Website: www.maritimo.com

Address: 15 Waterway Dr, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia

Phone number: +61 7 5588 6000


There are so many boat brands in Australia that we cannot put them all in one list. We have added all the companies that you can considered best in this list of American boat manufacturers. Now you can decide on which company you will opt for.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many boat manufacturers are there in Australia?

There are currently over 2,000 registered boat manufacturing companies in Australia.

Which is the largest boat production company in the world?

Brunswick Boat Group can be considered as one of largest boat manufacturers in the world.

What are the Yachts built in Australia?

Austral Yachts are built in Australia.

Where is the manufacturer of Riviera boats?

Riviera boats are manufactured in Gold Coast, Australia.

Who is the biggest boat builder in Australia?

Haines Signature Boats is a leading company amongst Australian boat brands.
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