7 Largest Syringe Manufactures In The World 2022

Have you ever wondered which are the largest syringe manufacturers in the world? Recent reaches and marketing data has revealed their names.

Syringes and needles have always been an integral part of our medical facility. While we undermine their role, they are still required everywhere. Whether you are taking a flu shot or getting tested, syringes are required almost everywhere.

And their role has been elevated by the ongoing pandemic. With millions of people getting vaccinated against corona virus, the vaccines are hitting the market aggressively. You might yourself have taken a vaccine shot by the companies you are looking for. And it’s also important to note that with increased demand for syringe, the largest syringe manufactures in the world are focused on.

An Irish market research and data firm namely Research and markets has released a possible graph of the global needle and syringe market. According to the firm, the market will see a growth of 10% increased CAGR by 2025.

Even though syringe and needle companies are getting highlighted in the recent years, they have always been essential. From diabetic patients to ill animals, everyone needs to get injected. In fact, diabetic companies have always required the best syringe and needle companies for their insulin usage. And you are bound to have come across at least one instance where you needed a syringe’s usage.

The first ever modern syringe was inventedby Alexander Wood, a Scottish doctor 1853. His goal was to treat the pain of body’s one part at a time. Over the years, the evolution of syringe has been both crucial and magnificent. Keep reading this article to know more about the Largest Syringe Manufactures In The World.

List of the 7 Largest Syringe Manufactures In The World

Now, we have prepared a list of the largest syringe manufacturers of the word for you. Let us have a look:

01. Becton Dickinson

Amongst all the syringe manufacturing brands, the US based medical giant Becton Dickinson stands at first position according to statistics.

Having a total sale of $17 bn in 2020, the company has created a bar for all the health-related companies. You can find almost every type of syringe and needle under this company. Benton Dickinson has a total of 65, 000 employees in over 50 countries. This New Jersey based company has made a significant name for itself in the international healthcare industry.

The company launched its outstanding type of syringe, Intevia 1 ml. It is a two-step disposable syringe that has combined an auto-injector and prefilled syringe in one integrated system.

And by observing the type of bulk items it can produce, you can understand why the company is favoured by almost everyone. In the November of 2020, the Dutch Ministry placed an order of 9.2 million of SARS-CoV-2 antigen tests, manufactured by BD.

With this, the company has also gained its name for facilitating works in oncology, diagnostics and minimally-invasive surgery. You might already know that BD has been dealing in injection devices for fluid transfer, anaesthesia and insulin administration.

In the July of 2020, the government of UK ordered 65 million injections from Benton Dickinson for preparing with an effective Covid-19 vaccination program. With all its qualities, you can understand why Becton Dickinson is considered world’s largest syringe manufacturer.

02. Braun Melsungen

If you are looking for the largest European manufacturer of syringe and needle, then B. Braun Melsungen is your best option. With being Europe’s largest syringe manufacturer, the companyis also the region’s biggest medical device firm.

In 2019 alone, the company generated a revenue of $8.75bn. Based in Melsungen, a town of central Germany, the company is the region’s one of the largest medical technological employment generators. Currently, the company has almost 65, 000 employees globally. So, in case you want to apply, you might have a lucky chance.

B. Braun Melsungenmanufactures a large variety of medical equipment. Its healthcare sector production items include medical applications used in different types of orthopaedics, surgery, sterilization and wound care.

To learn more about the company, you should have a deeper knowledge on its portfolio of syringe and needle. The company deals in various products, with Stercian hypodermic needles being in specialty. This needle is used in blood sampling, insulin injection and neural therapy. B. Braun also manufactures irrigation, fine dosage and infusion pump syringes.


How can we leave out technology tycoon Japan from the list? Based in Tokyo, Terumo currently is the biggest syringes and needle manufacturer of Asia-Pacific region.

In fact, with employing over 25, 000 people worldwide, the company can be referred to as one of the largest syringe manufacturing companies in the world. Terumo supplies its healthcare equipment products in around 160 countries and regions. And if you look at its value, the company made an annual revenue of $5.7bn in its last report.

If you look into the company’s portfolio of healthcare devices, you will find out that the company deals in intravenous catheters too. And with dealing in a wide range of veterinary products, the company speaks variety.

Other items that are produced by Terumo includes needles and syringes; infusion and blood collection devices.

The Tokyo based company made its portfolio of coronary interventional products stand out in the June of 2019. It partnered with Orchestra Biomed and secured global rights to Virtue sirolimus-eluting balloon (SEB), an US based biotech firm’s product. SEB is known around the world for treating in-stent restenosis.

04. Teleflex

Another syringe and needle manufacturing company from the States, Teleflex primarily deals in medical devices that are used in critical surgery.

Although, the company is also known for dealing in a number of ‘vascular access accessories” under its Arrow brand. Amongst the accessories includes introducers needles and its Raulerson spring-wire syringes.

You can understand the company’s popularity by looking at its value and size. Based in Pennsylvania, Teleflex has an annual sale of approximately $2.6bn, generated by the company’s 14, 000 employees.

With acquiring fellow Z-Medica, an American haemorrhage control specialist and medical device firm, Teleflex has strengthened its position in the field. A deal worth $500m took place between the companies, letting Teleflex have a better scope with dealing in areas like emergency medical services, military call points and hospitals.

05. Nipro

Going back to Japan, Nipro is a large-scale Japanesemedical facility company, dealing in various healthcare areas. The company deals in areas like, hospital supplies, renal and diabetes care, in vitro diagnostics, pharmaceutical packaging and home infusion therapy.

When it comes to infusion, you can find that Nipro makes a huge variety of syringes. The company claims that all of its syringes are easy to use and accurate. It also states that the needles are hypodermic, whose ultra-sharp feature minimizes the patient’s uncomfortable experience during injection.

Having its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the company has over 30, 000 employees globally. If you go to its website, you can find that the company claims to produce 11 billion units of needles each year. The company’s annual report of March 2020 shows that Nipro has annual revenues of around $4.2bn each year. This makes the company one of the largest syringe manufacturers in the whole world.

06. Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical is probably one of the only successful medical equipment subsidiary companies. Based in Minnesota, the company is the subsidiary of UK’s one of the biggest medical technology giants Smiths Group.

The company is popular for areas like cardiology, critical care, anaesthesia, oncology, pain management and respiratory applications. And by thriving in these areas, the company had a revenue of $1.1bn, according to their fiancé report of 2019.

With over 7, 770 employees, the main production regions of the company are UK, Mexico, Italy, US, China, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. By looking at their portfolio, you will be surprised by its production units.

Along with making intravenous catheters and needle devices, the company also designs products to ensure their safety. To minimize injuries caused by these sharp objects, the company produces safety driven products.

07. Cardinal Health

Having its headquarters in the US and Ireland, Cardinal Health is currently America’s one of the largest companies. In fact, the company is one of the largest American companies in the world, with a 14th rank in Fortune 500. You will be surprised to knowthat Cardinal Health has ranked higher than Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and General Motors.

Founded in 1971 by Mike Kaufman, the company has an annual revenue of $152.9bn with around 50, 000 full times employees.

Cardinal Health deals in many medical products and has a range of each item in every field. The company’s production includes patient monitoring tools, surgical equipment to PPE (personal protective equipment) and wound managing medicinal tools. By looking at the company’s portfolio, you can find that the company produces Monoject line of syringes and needles.


We have listed the largest syringe manufacturing companies of the world who are in the spotlight. If you are a person with specific brand choices, you can select your long-term syringe and needles manufacturing companies from the list. After all, health and safety come first so it’s definitely crucial to have the correct choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is world’s largest syringe manufacturer?

Becton Dickinson is considered world’s largest supplier of syringes.

Is syringe manufacturing a business?

Absolutely, syringe manufacturing is a great business and companies are earning billions from it.

What is the cost of making a disposable syringe?

Making a disposable syringe can cost only a few cents. In India, one can make a syringe for Rs. 1.30.

What is used to make disposable syringes?

A raw material called polypropylene is used to make disposable syringes.

Who invented disposable syringes?

Arthur E. Smith was the first person to patent disposable syringes.

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