K-pop group Blackpink to headline Coachella 2023

Recently, the DDU-DU DDU-DU of Blackpink group became the first K-pop music video that exceeded 2 billion views on YouTube. Moreover, another rumor is making rounds where it is assumed that the all-girl group might headline Coachella 2023, one of the  biggest music festivals in world.

Blackpink group has witnessed great success in 2022. However, 2023 can be an even better year for the K-pop group. It is just a week since we all entered the new year, and Blackpink is already heading toward new heights in its career. 

According to the sources, the K-pop girl group might headline Coachella 2023. If the rumors become a reality, Blackpink will be the first K-Pop group to reach that height in the industry. 

Blackpink group was the first K-pop group to perform on the world’s most significant music festival stage. The group made its debut at Coachella in 2019 and wowed the audience with its stunning performance. With that, the group became an evident name in the K-pop industry. And now, it will be a historic moment if they manage to accomplish the milestone of heading Coachella 2023.

Although, there is no confirmation received from Blackpink or Coachella’s team.

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