Japan offers millions of yen to families to move out of Tokyo

Japan intends to provide economic support to families to encourage them to move out from the capital Tokyo. According to the local media channels, Japan wants its citizens to scatter in other areas of the country. 

According to the sources, families settled in Tokyo’s central area will get 1 million yen ($7,700) per child starting in 2023 if they move out. Besides, if they shift to a relatively backward area, the amount will increase by three times the 300,000 yen. 

The step is taken as Japan suffers from low birth rates and life expectancy. Moreover, since young people moved out of the rural areas and settled in cities, rural areas have seen a rapid decrease in their population. Resulting in homes being left empty and burdened with tax revenue. 

The national government of Japan started the initiative in 2019 to draw people to regional areas. They let families living in the central Tokyo areas have five years to apply for the funds and move out. 

Moreover, the government also stated that the families could work from home at their current job, start a business, or start working in small-scale businesses. 

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