Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested that Israeli doctors could refuse to treat members of the LGBTQ community on religious grounds.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, recently came up with a strong statement that is not very loved by some people. He suggested that Israeli doctors can refuse to provide treatment to patients who belong to the LGBTQ community on religious grounds.

 Netanyahu’s statement has spread a sense of negativity among the people of the nation. Now the people are terrified that the new government might be a threat to the LGBTQ community and might cause damage to gay rights. 

Isaac Herzog, the Israeli president, reacted to the matter to condemn the growing anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. He mentioned that the racist pronouncements against the LGBTQ community and other sectors of the public concern him extremely. Isaac Herzog worries about every citizen and believes everyone deserves equal rights. However, he added that such rhetoric undermined Israeli “democratic and moral values”.

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