Is OxygenOS better than Android?

A small but vocal minority of “Android purists” claim that the original, unmodified version of the OS is superior because it maximises performance. Instead, it should be claimed that stock Android lacks necessary features since Google streamlines Android to ensure its efficient operation. Also, a lot of useful features can be added to the operating system if the company wants. Thus here comes into picture another latest OS which is OxygenOS. It offers several features which are missing from stock Android, including several major ones. Before going to the details about the fact if oxygen OS better than android let’s find out few of its differences to understand better.

OxygenOS Vs. Android

OxygenOS and Android are essentially different operating systems. OxygenOS uses Android as its base, while Android has been designed for touch screen phones. Few others are listed below-

  • OxygenOS is the name of the operating system created by OnePlus for all oneplus devices. The Android operating system, on the other hand, is designed for mobile devices with touch screens.
  • OxygenOS is compatible with Android updates. But the updates gets released lately compared to android.
  • In September 2008, Android was released for the first time, while OxygenOS was released in March 2015.
  • The OxygenOS mobile operating system was developed by OnePlus, a Chinese phone manufacturer. Open Handset Alliance and Google LLC are among the companies that develop Android.
  • There is a larger amount of storage used by OxygenOS than by Android
  • A number of UI tweaks have been introduced in OxygenOS. Its icons, for example, are not as colourful as those on Android. The clock lock screen is also customized, and screenshots are taken differently.
  • With OxygenOS, all features like calculators, phone calls and gallery are handled by the system’s own apps, while Android relies solely on Google apps.

So here is the answer to the question “is Oxygen OS is better than android? The answer is yes. Oxygen OS is better than android. Do you want to know why? Keep scrolling!

  • Locker apps-A built-in app locker in OxygenOS allows you to lock and unlock certain apps with additional passwords. The file manager on OxygenOS also includes a great feature named lockbox. When you use lockbox app, you can encrypt individual files with a password to keep them safe from prying eyes. For example, if you have an image of your ID on your phone, you can easily encrypt it using a password.
  • OnePlus Switch- I’m also a fan of the OnePlus Switch software, which facilitates a speedy transfer of all your content and applications to a new OnePlus device. The OnePlus Switch tool can also migrate app data from some apps, which is even useful than Google’s migration tool.
  • Extended screen captures- In OxygenOS, you can edit basic images and take long screenshots using a dedicated gallery app. If you want to capture a long WhatsApp conversation in one go, OxygenOS can do that for you. This doesn’t require taking 10 different screenshots.
  • Controlling data usage more effectively: You may limit your smartphone’s cellular data usage with OxygenOS. Additionally, you can view your monthly cellular and Wi-Fi data usage in one convenient place
  • Power on/off schedule: With OxygenOS, you can set your phone to power off at a specific time and even have it start up again at a predetermined time
  • Rapid-fire lock: You may quickly lock your phone without digging around for the power switch by doing a double tap anywhere on the home screen
  • Easy-to-enter PIN- You can skip clicking the ‘tick’ while entering your security PIN when using OxygenOS.
  • Voice recorder built-in- Stock Android does not include a voice recorder app – you must download it separately.  Whereas there is a built-in voice recorder in OxygenOS that is very useful.
  • Parallel apps- You can also use parallel apps with two separate accounts for popular apps in OxygenOS. This feature lacks in android.

According to me, OxygenOS is a far superior solution to stock Android. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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