How to turn indoor dining set into outdoor

If you’ve always dreamed of having patio furniture, the first place to look is right in your own home. It can be expensive to purchase good outdoor furniture, so why not re-purpose the furniture you already have? With a few simple modifications, you’ll be able to adapt indoor furniture for outdoor use. Here are some ways to turn your old, unwanted furniture into a stunning outdoor feature.

Tips for transforming indoor dining set into outdoor furniture

Indoor and outdoor dining set

It is not always easy to prepare indoor materials such as wood to withstand outdoor climate changes, but with some simple work, they can be.

  • First, sand down the piece. Due to the fact that most indoor furniture is not made of wood and uses glues and finishes that are designed for indoor temperatures, it must be protected with a better sealant. In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to sand the furniture down to bare wood before applying the finish of your choice
  • Painting and priming. Paint protects against UV rays better than most clear finishes. To begin, prime the surface with a product of high quality, and then apply a generous coat of oil-based paint. Your best bet for preserving the beauty of natural wood will be to apply many coating of spray varnish that contains ultraviolet light filters
  • Seal all cracks and crevices. For outdoor furniture to last, it must be sealed. Even the bottoms of feet should be sealed, along with every surface and crevice. There should be no uncovered surface on the wood. Protect all joints, legs, and cracks by coating them with a thick layer of sealant. For proper protection, apply three coats at least
  • Reapply the coating once a year. To keep furniture protected, it’s important to recoat it every 1-2 years. Keeping your furniture clean and new can also be achieved by painting and sealing it.
  • Use outdoor fabric to cover cushions and pillows. Grab some outdoor fabrics and materials from your local fabric or craft store and use them to recover your outdoor pillows and cushions. Your fabrics will have a longer lifespan and be less likely to accumulate mould and mildew if you use a fabric that is designed expressly for use in outside weather

What is the best method for weather proofing wood furniture outside?

Preparing and sealing any wood dining table prior to bringing it outside is an essential step. For an exterior sealer to adhere to the wood, the table will need to be sanded if it has an existing finish. It’s best to use a transparent, weatherproof wood sealant outside. For protecting wood, I recommend Roxil protection cream. You can use a brush or roller to apply the single layer needed. Wooden furniture will last for years without refinishing or water damage if you do this. Use finishes that are meant for exterior use before painting the table or staining any wood furniture.

It is important to note that even following all of the steps above will not make an interior piece of furniture last forever when it is outside. Natural elements like sunlight, rain, and fluctuating temperatures will all deteriorate furniture over time. Therefore, it is best to use the covers on patios to extend its life. Occasionally recoat or retouch as needed. So, the possibilities are endless when it comes to giving old or unwanted furniture a new life outdoors.

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