How to replace fabric on outdoor lounge chair

Maintaining your outdoor lounge furniture is essential if you want it to complete your outdoor patio space. The importance of this is even greater if you live in an area with dramatic seasonal fluctuations. To get the most value out of your outdoor lounge chairs, I’ll show you how to replace their worn-out fabric to make them look like new again

How to replace fabric on outdoor lounge chair

  • Step 1: Before you begin, determine the size of your current chair-Make sure that your measuring tape is flexible so that it can be molded to the curves of your chair. Take measurements as you go and write them down with paper and a pen.
  • Step 2:  Your chair’s frame should be taken apart-the hardware on each type of chair is different, but the concept is universal. Starting with one screw, begin disassembling your chair with a socket wrench or screwdriver.
  • Step 3: Remeasure – The two inner rails, which tension the fabric, can be removed once all screws have been removed. You can now remove any internal hardware from the fabric sling by reaching into its “pocket”. Now you can remove the sling
  • Step 4: Make a lounge chair pattern -This DIY project requires the creation of a pattern. The front and back of the envelope will be divided into two rectangles by the measurements you provide. The fabric marker can be used to indicate where to cut directly on the fabric. Tracing straight lines on fabric with a yardstick or T-square will ensure accuracy
  • Step 5: Make your fabric cuts- Use sturdy fabric scissors to cut the rectangles out following your lines. The hardware slits and envelope opening marks will also need to be cut along
  • Step 6: The side seams are next to be sewed- You should stay as close to the edge as possible with almost no seam allowance as you sew along the basted edges of your lounge chair. You can then fully cover the seam with your binding, keeping your sling the right size
  • Step 7: Chairs should be reassembled-It’s almost time to finish! After you have finished making your chair sling, reverse the order in which you assembled your hardware. If there are screws or bolts on the chair, make sure they are tightened completely to ensure stability and safety!

It’s all done now! Taking a break and enjoying your new chair is time well spent.

Tips to maintain fabric on outdoor lounge chair

Keep your lounge chair fabric clean to extend the life of your outdoor lounge chair furniture.

  • Chairs should be cleaned regularly -Outdoor furniture is very susceptible to collecting grime, debris, and dirt. The sling of the chair and the rest of the chair can be cleaned with a damp cleaning cloth drenched in water and dishwashing detergent. The fabric will also be protected from staining.
  • Keeping your home dry and mold-free– Rains and humidity can cause patio furniture to get damp or soaked if left outside regularly. Mold and mildew can eventually develop, which can be very dangerous. Keeping your furniture inside to prevent this is one way to prevent this. However, if that is not possible, molds and mildews can be removed from sling fabric by cleaning it with a mild bleach solution. Brush the mold off carefully after rinsing with a hose. It is important not to permanently damage the fabric or tear the sling’s edges.
  • Clean with light cleaners only– You should follow this tip to maintain the fabric of your patio chair. Your lounge chair fabric should only be cleaned with mild chemical cleaners. The fabric can fade when bleach or ammonia are used as heavy cleaners. Sling fabrics can be cleaned with light cleaning fluids

Using these simple steps, you can transform your chair into something classy.

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