How to remove the bed bug  from a sleeper sofa

The pull-out bed on a sofa may need to be disassembled if you need to remove it. In most cases, bolts and screws are required to attach this part of the furniture. The bed and sofa may be moved with much less effort if their combined weight is reduced. But how? Let’s find out.

Step by Step guide on how to remove bed bug from a sleeper sofa

For this task, only common tools in most home toolboxes will suffice. You should take time to note each bolt and screw location for proper reassembly, even if it isn’t a difficult task.

Step 1:

Put the cushions aside after removing them from the sofa. The blankets and any other items should also be taken off. After all of the items have been removed, they should be placed in an area where there is no risk of slipping or collateral damage, thereby simplifying the process.

Step 2:

Take the mattress up and extend it -The bed can then be pulled out from its resting place easily once all the collateral damage is taken care of. You shouldn’t have to spend much time on this step, but it will help you decide whether to remove the mattress or buy a new sofa

Removing bed bug from sofa

Step 3:

The sofa should be positioned for removal. This needs some strength, as you will need to push or drag the sofa into a position from which the bed frame may be retracted with ease. In addition to re-positioning the frame to its original position, this step has the benefit of making moving easier and preventing damage to the frame. This step makes it easier to see and remove the bolts and screws holding the bed frame together

Step 4:

To place the sofa on the bed, flip it or roll it forward. When the sofa is placed correctly, the legs and bottom should face outward and parallel to the floor, with the inner back resting on the bed. Get a partner if possible if you need help with this.

Step 5:

Take off the dust cover from sofa bottom. By doing so, the bed frame attaches to the sofa frame.

Step 6:

Determine where the bolts connect the bed frame to the sofa frame. A minimum of two can be found on each side, but there may be more. This extends into the sofa frame by way of the bed-frame’s folding mechanism.

Step 7:

Start loosening the bolts by attaching a ratchet or wrench to the head of the fastener. Pushing the bed frame back and forth inside the sofa makes it wobble when almost all attachment bolts are removed.

Step 8:

Put the sofa’s feet back on the ground by bringing it back down. Slide the bed frame away from the sofa by lifting the frame up. You can easily carry the frame if the mattress is removed and folded back up

Note-During this step, it is important to slowly remove the sofa in order to avoid any accidents, and someone else should slowly tilt the sofa back in its place so that the bed frame can be pulled out easier. In the final step, you will need to place the sofa in its original place once the frame has been removed.

Finally, you will have to decide whether or not to keep the sleeper-sofa bed or convert it into a regular sofa. The above steps are meant to assist you towards an easier process, but in case you are unable to follow the instructions and remove the furniture completely, you can also buy a brand-new sofa.

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