How to Remove lice from hair permanently at home

Lice and nits can be hard to remove, but they are not insurmountable. Anyone can become affected by it. It is a type of small insect that crawls into one’s hair and makes the head their home. Blood is then sucked up from your head, resulting in nit formation. The hair shafts are so tightly adhered to them that it’s difficult to pull them out. To get rid of these little insects, we can use a variety of home remedies. To know more, keep reading.

Things to do to remove lice from hair permanently at home

Petroleum Jelly– Hair lice can be easily removed with petroleum jelly. It simply involves applying thick layers of petroleum jelly to your scalp and leaving it on overnight. Next, remove the lice from your hair by combing it thoroughly. You should then wash your hair. It is possible to get rid of lice using this method for several nights

Vinegar– Combine one cup of vinegar with one cup of warm water and wash your hair. A vinegar solution kills and eliminates lice and nits. All of the scalp should be treated with this mixture. After that, use your usual shampoo to wash your hair

Neem – Head lice are claimed to be killed by neem. Make neem juice, apply it to your head, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing. Alternatively, you can make a thick paste out of neem leaves or boil them in oil and apply them to your hair

Eucalyptus Oil– Research has shown that eucalyptus oil can be used to effectively treat head lice and their eggs. Thus, it might be useful in treating head lice infestations.  Apply few drops of this oil directly to your scalp or use can also mix it with other oils as well. It helps to get rid of lice pretty fast.

Tea tree oil– Head lice can be effectively treated with tea tree essential oil since it is a natural insecticide. However, you should always dilute tea tree oil with carrier oil before using it. The tea tree oil should be mixed with 3 tbsp. of coconut oil and 1 tsp. of natural shampoo. Wear a shower cap over your head after applying this to your hair. After a half an hour, rinse with hot water. Using a comb, remove dead lice from wet hair

Camphor and Coconut oil hair mask– Use a mix of camphor and coconut oil to kill lice because the oil smothers them and camphor has anti-parasitic properties. Make a paste by mixing coconut oil with crushed camphor and applying it to your scalp. It should be left on overnight and washed off the following morning. To get rid of head lice, apply this hair mask three times a week

Garlic– Head lice are treated with garlic in Ayurveda. This remedy can also be used by you. Garlic cloves can be made into a paste by blending them. For this paste to work, you need to add a few drops of lemon juice. Blend everything together thoroughly. Mix these ingredients and apply them to your hair roots. After a few hours, rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Using this remedy diligently will reap its benefits

Pricking lice from hair

Anyone can get lice, since they are highly contagious. Having lice is not indicative of poor health or bag hygiene. As lice are contagious, prompt treatment is very essential if you suffer from an lice infestation, even if they are not dangerous. It may be helpful to consult a doctor before making a treatment decision. If you have a compromised immune system or have battled treatment-resistant lice, consult a medical practitioner before attempting to treat a lice infestation.

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