How To Print A Car Detailing Business Card?

Business cards have become a crucial part of today’s financial world. Car detailing business card ideas can be a little tricky but they are equally important. Although orthodox, business cards are equally relevant today.

And of course, its relevance can be felt in today’s world because of its necessity. If you want to look dedicated and successful, you will have to give your clients your business card. A business card holds your company’s details like name, phone number, website, social media handles and address.

Since it is the visible representation of your company, you need to make sure that they give your clients and customers a positive outlook. Someone can determine how well you function at a company by just going through your business cards.

Whether you have a small-scale business or a corporate sector, you will always find the use of business cards needful. Studies have shown that businesses that provide their clients with business cards grow long-term and intimate relationships with them.

By making your relationship with your customer stronger, business cards affect your revenue indirectly. In simple words, having a business card will help you in the long-run growth of your company.

Now, if you have a car detailing business and are wondering how to create a business card, we can help you. But first, let us go through the types of business cards.

Car Detailing Business Card ideas

Types of Car Detailing Business Cards

It is important to first select the type of business card you want for your business. Let’s go through a few:

Classic Business Card

If it were us, classic business cards would definitely be our first choice. Sophisticated and plain, classic business cards can include all your essential details. You can design these cards according to your choice.

Social Networker’s Business Cards

A business card only has the necessary information and if you work online, you can choose to add only your social media details. A Social Networker’s Business Card only the links and QR codes of your company’s social media handles. This will save you from receiving dozens of phones every day.

Wild-Format Business Cards

We all have a creative side, and some of us have more. If you want to add a bit more funky and creative touch to your business cards, opt for Wild-Format Business Cards. This might have a creative and positive impression on your client.

Typographic Business Cards

We know that all business cards are typographic. But have you ever wondered how a business card with a literal typographic style looks? They are beautiful and useful, fulfilling your business’s basic requirements. Graphic designers also love to design these cards.

Gadget Business Car

Turning into miniature gadgets, you can easily define your business with these cards. If you are willing to pay some extra bucks, you can make a business card that folds into a car, defining your business. They are creative, fun to make and will definitely stand out amongst your competitors.

Creating Your Car Detailing Business Cards

Are you trying to make a business card for your company by yourself? Then you have landed on the right page. You can create your company’s mobile auto detailing business cards by just following a few steps. Let us begin:

If your car detailing company does not have an existing logo, the first thing you need to do is create a logo. Your company’s logo is the most important part of your business card. In fact, your logo defines your brand in all visible sectors.

With the help of a logo, you will have a clearer vision of how you want the card to look and of what color. For creating a logo, you can use free templates that are available in online image libraries. And if you want an authentic design, you can create logos from the scratch.

The colors and font of your logo can help you determine the color you want for your business card.

Step 2: Find a design Software

After making the logo, your next step is to find a template. While it might seem hard, creating a business card with a template is actually easy and you need no former designing experience.

There are plenty of applications that let you design for free. For example, Canva is an excellent user-friendly app that lets you choose a template and edit it. Even though Canva offers a subscription, you can make a simple business card for free.

Another good application is Lucidpress. By signing in with this application, you can create free business cards with the existing templates. After designing them, you can have them printed by yourself.

Vistaprint is another good software that you can use to create your car detailing business cards. Whether you want to create your own template or use an existing one, the choice depends on you. They will also ship your business card to you.

Step 3: Choose the shape and size

When you are ready to design your card, select a proper measurement for it. If we take North America’s example, the standard size and shape there is a 3.5 x 2 rectangle.

You can choose to create unique business cards of your choice too. For example, if you choose a wild-format business card, you can add different layers, texture and shape to it. Your printer will however charge more because they will have to use a die-cutting technique.

Although, make sure that your unique designs are realistic. The main purpose of a business card is to make an impression on your clients and customers. But if your card won’t fit in their wallets and purses, they will ruin the purpose.

Step 4: Add details of your business

One of the most important steps of creating a business card is adding your details to it. After selecting the size and the design, make sure you carefully add all the details about your business to your card. Since it’s a small space, you need to enter only the essential information.

Some of the crucial things to add to a business card are:

  • The name of your business
  • Your name
  • Your contact details, including phone number, website and email.
  • The tagline of your business
  • Your business’s social media handle.
  • Your designation.
  • The services provided by you and your specialities.

Make sure you add any extra information that matters to your car detailing business.

Step 5: Choose a font and color

Though we have already mentioned the font, you should finalize your font after entering the card’s textual details. And while selecting the font, select the color of your business card too.

One of the best features of editing applications is that you can choose from a variety of colors and fonts. This will without a doubt intensify your card’s appearance.

While selecting the colors, make sure you do not exceed four colors. Adding too many colors to a business card will make it look tacky and unprofessional.

And while choosing the font, make sure you go for an easy-to-understand one. To make the text more readable, apply space between the words and letters.

Step 6: Add Graphics

You can add different graphics like illustrations and images to your business cards. After entering the logo, select something meaningful and linkable to your business card. You will find plenty of options on the app you will create your business card. Pictures and symbols will give your card a creative look.

However, refrain from using graphics on the same side as your logo. Since business cards are two-sided, you can print your logo on the front and the extra images on the back. In fact, you can choose to same with your description.

Just make sure you add enough space between the text and the images to avoid overlapping.

Step: 7 Print

Lastly, print the perfect business card you’re your car detailing service. Now before you go to this step, make sure your card is error-free.

Some points you need to take care of before finalizing the cards are:

  • Is the text readable?
  • Is there any overlapping?
  • Do the colours look vibrant and clean?
  • Are all the details included?
  • Is the finish perfect for my purpose?

After answering yes to all these questions, get ready to print your collection of business cards.


We have listed all the necessary steps you need to follow to create your car detailing business cards. Now that you have an idea of how to design and print them, you can treat your customers with your card. For more car detailing business card ideas, you can look up templates on websites like Pinterest. Go and start designing your lot of business cards right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What website is good for a business card?

Vistaprint is one of the most popular business card printing services.

What is the size of a normal business card?

The standard size of a business card is 3.5 x 2.0

Are business cards still relevant?

Even in 2022, business cards are still popular.

How many business cards fit on a page?

On an 8.5 x 11-inch page, 10 business cards will fit.

What papers are used to make business cards?

Cardstock is the primary material used for business cards.

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