How to dispose of furniture with bed bugs

When your home or rental property is infested with bed bugs, your only concern is removing them. The necessity of properly disposing of furniture is still important, despite your tunnel vision. If you choose to dispose of bed bugs in furniture, we have put together the following guide to help you.

Dealing with Bed Bugs: The Right Way to Dispose of Infested Furniture

Bed Bug
  • Furniture must be wrapped up -Wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap before you remove it from your home is a good idea if you’re going to move it. The bedbug can live for about 20 months without oxygen, but they cannot live without blood. After being trapped in the furniture for an extended period of time, the bugs should perish because they will be unable to communicate with the outside world or find food sources that require human assistance. Bed bugs will notice that their positions are being changed if the wrap is not tight enough. Make sure they cannot escape. Before you begin moving, make sure the cracks have been closed down to prevent them from escaping.
  • Let others know it is infected -Infected furniture should be notified to other people if you put it out. Don’t forget to leave a note if you are dumping this furniture at a dumpster. It’s not worth someone else taking it to their home and thinking they’ve found the perfect deal, only to find out that they’ve brought bed bugs with them. Although bed bugs can perish if they go without food for too long, you can never be sure how long ago that was. Keep a note even if you think bed bugs have been eliminated but aren’t certain
  • The furniture should be carefully transported to the land mill -In the case of a few smaller furniture items, a pickup truck may be an option. It’s equally important to prevent any bugs from falling into the transportation vehicle, just like when you are removing furniture from your home. It’s possible that your city’s waste management system will allow you to set out a few pieces of furniture for collection on your regular garbage day. Inquire about this possibility with your local waste management service
  • Dumpster rentals– You can also rent a dumpster for removing furniture infested with bed bug. Taking the DIY route may be a good idea if you have large number of furniture than can be fitted in a vehicle, but it would be extreme if you are moving only 1 or 2 pieces. A second option is to contact a garbage removal service to haul away and dispose of your old furniture

Your next decision is to decide if you want to handle removing bed bug infested furniture on your own or not. Investing some time and energy into doing it yourself can save you money if you know how to do. It is still a good idea to hire pest control company or an exterminator before removing all your furniture completely. You can have your furniture professionally treated so that you don’t have to worry about getting rid of it. They will come in and take care of the hassle for you.

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