25 fruits that start with s (Updated 2023)

Are you looking for fruits that start with S? Then, you are in the right place. Fruits have been an important part of our diet for centuries, if not millenniums. Expert studies suggest that you should consume four to five servings of fruits every day. Their nutritious benefits have made them everyone’s favourite healthy food. From A-Z, there is at least one fruit starting with the alphabet.

Apart for being healthy, fruits are also loved because of their taste. You can enjoy a boost of your health while not having to compromise with the taste. Along with eating raw fruits, you can also convert them into smoothies and juices.

In fact, most of your favourite desserts are made of fruits. Be it vanilla ice cream or fruit custard, your sweet cravings can always depend on fruity products. Combining health and taste, fruits are your go-to snack. Looking back at time, we can understand why our ancestors primarily depended on fruits.

And of course, the early people depended heavily on fruits because they have always been around. A study has found that the oldest fossil of fruits dates back 52 million years. So, you can safely assume that the consumption of fruits has been a part of us since the beginning of human time.

Benefits of eating fruits

Before we proceed further, it is important for us to discuss the benefits of consuming fruits. Without any added saturation, fruits have everything that your diet needs.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits provide your body with all the nutrients you need. You can maintain low blood pressure and stay away from heart diseases with the regular consumption of fruits. They also are a rich source of dietary fiber, meaning you can have a healthier digestive system with their consumption.

Another noteworthy benefit of consuming fruits is that you do not have to worry about gaining weight. Since fruits do not have saturated fats, salt and sugar, you can freely eat them without the constant worry of obtaining extra weight.

 And lastly, you can safeguard yourself from the potential risk of illnesses like cancer and type 2 diabetes with the regular consumption of fruits. Choose a healthier lifestyle by making fruits an important part of your diet.

List of fruits that start with S

We have mentioned earlier, there is at least one fruit starting with an alphabet. Today, we are going to note down all the fruits that start with an S. Let us explore:

01. Safou


Known as the African pear, Safou is a sour and tangy fruit. With the regular consumption of Safou, you can fight the risk of cancer, have stronger bones and teeth, prevent heart diseases and have better skin. Along with the fruits, its seeds are also edible

02. Salak


Known for being sharp and sweet, Salak is native to Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. There are perhaps over 30 different kinds of Salak trees in its native country. Salak, popularly known as ‘snake fruit’, will help you have a better vision.

03. Salal


Native to North America, Salal is a popular type of berry. Almost identical to blueberries when ripe, you can eat Salal as a raw fruit or turn them into cakes. It is believed that you can also use its leaves to treat heartburn, indigestion, fever and ulcer.

04. Salmonberry


Another type of berry, Salmonberry is also native to North America. They are popular for their use in making candy and jam. You can eat raw Salmonberry and enjoy its sweet taste.

05. Santol


Native to Southeast Asia, Santol is primarily known as the ‘cotton fruit’ in Western countries. You can eat them both ripe and unripe, depending on whether you want a sweet or sour taste.

06. Sapodilla


Popular in the tropical regions of the Caribbean, Central America and Southern Mexico, Sapodilla is popular for its sweet taste. You can enhance your heart and gut health its regular consumption.

07. Sarvis berry


One more fruit good for your sweet tooth, Sarvisberry is especially important for wildlife. You can eat time just like any other berry. They are popular for their use in jam, jelly, candy and cakes.

08. Seagrape

Sea Grape

Native to coastal beaches of tropical America and the Caribbean, Seagrape is an evergreen shrub. They, like other grapes, can be eaten raw or you can also turn them into jelly and jam.

09. Satsuma


Belonging to the family of citrus fruits, Satsuma is popular in Asia. It is indigenous to China; however, they are now mostly grown in Japan. If you prefer consuming sweet citruses, Satsuma is undoubtedly the best fit for you.

10. Seville Orange

Seville Orange

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, Seville Oranges are believed to be the cross of Citrus Maxima and Mandarin Orange. They do not taste very well when eaten raw but you can use them while cooking.

11. Shonan Gold

Shonan Gold

Belonging to the family of citrus fruits, Shonan Gold is native to Japan. They are popular for their golden colour and healthy nutritious properties. If you want to try a unique fruit filled with Vitamin C, you should try Shonan Gold.

12. Saigon Mango

Saigon Mango

Originating from Vietnam, Saigon Mangoes were introduced to the US over a century ago via seeds. If you prefer fibreless and aromatic mangoes, it is perfect for you. Saigon Mangoes definitely make an excellent snack.

13. Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry

Unlike regular cherries, Sour Cherry does not have high sugar. As you can already guess from its name, sour cherries excrete a sour flavour. However, they taste really sweet when you cook them.

14. Soncoya


Popular for its medicinal benefits, Soncoya is popular in tropical regions. You can eat its ripe flesh by cutting the exterior part open. Its taste can be described as a hybrid of fibrous oranges and mangoes. You can experience an aromatic and healthy experience through its consumption.

15. Splendor apple

Splendor apple

Want to try a fruit that tastes like dessert? Try New Zealand’s favourite Splendor Apples. Their crispy and sweet taste makes them an excellent snack. They are rich in fibre and antioxidants, making them good for your health.

16. Star Apple

Star Apple

Another member of the apple family, Star Apples is in-dipped dark. They are mostly cultivated in the later winter and early spring. You will surely enjoy their grape-like taste and chewy fibre. 

17. Star Fruit

Star Fruit

Carambola, popularly known as Star Fruit is native to tropical Southeast Asia. True to its name, star fruit gives out a star-shaped appearance when you cut it open. You can intake a raw start fruit or cook it into a delicious dish.

18. Strawberry


Perhaps the most popular fruit on the list, strawberries are one of the most loved berries. You have at least come across strawberries once in your life. Popular for their use in ice cream, smoothies, jam, jelly, cakes and juices, strawberries are popular around the world. They are sweet, juicy and a little acidic, making them the perfect snack for you.

19. Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guava

Named after its resemblance with the popular berry, Strawberry Guavas are safe to eat. You can consume their sweet and juicy flesh raw or turn them into juice. Their leaves can be used to make herbal tea.

20. Sugar Apple

Sugar Apple

Resembling the texture of litchi, these green apples will fill you with delight. Standing up to their name, Sugar Apples are very sweet and their scaly texture certainly makes them stand out.

21. Sunberry


Although consumed widely, Sunberries are poisonous when they are green and unripe. Once they are ripe, they will turn dark and you can safely eat them. They do not taste delicious when eaten raw; however, they make excellent syrups and pies.

22. Sunset Apple

Sunset Apple

Aesthetic and aromatic, Sunset apples have golden and red skin. Consume them when they are fresh to experience their sweet and juicy taste. Their refreshing aroma and healthy fibre will be a delightful treat for you.

23. Sunset Mango

Sunset Mango

Just like sunset apples, Sunset Mangoes derive their name from their rosy skin. You will love their red cheeks and sweet taste. Also, their aroma will without a doubt make you feel calm.

24. Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange

Filled with Vitamin C, Sweet Oranges will enrich your experience of citrus fruits. They are pulpy with a blend of sweetness and acidity. You can eat them raw or take out their juice and enjoy them.

25. Stinking Bishop Pear

Stinking Bishop Pear

Do not be influenced by its name, Stinking Bishop Pear has a flowery smell. The fruit was named after its original cultivator, an 1800s farmer namely Fedrick Bishop.


We have listed 25 fruits that start with S. All these unique and delightful fruits will undeniably fulfil your appetite. What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest fruit store and try each of the mentioned fruit. 

Frequently asked questions

Are Sunberries poisonous?

Sunberries are healthy to eat once they are ripe. However, they are harmful when they are unripe and green.

Is there any fruit starting with E?

Elephant Apple, an Asian fruit starts with E.

What fruit starts with Z?

Zucchini Fruit starts with Z.

Are there any fruits starting with a K?

Kiwi, a popular fruit starts with a K.

How many types of berries are there?

There are over 400 species of berries all over the world.

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