20 Fruits that start with G (Updated December 2023)

Fruits have always been an integral part of human civilization. Whether you like raw fruits, smoothies or cooked fruits, you will always find them filling your appetite. Known for being the healthiest snack, fruits are loved by almost everyone all across the world. From A-Z, you will find fruits starting with every alphabet.

And the popularity of fruits world-wide can be understood by its regular consumption. The value of global fruit market lies at around USD 300 billion in 2022. The global value is expected to grow more in the coming years. You will probably never run out of people who love fruits.

Given our history, the love for fruits can be easily understood. Our ancestors greatly depended on fruits for survival in the stone age. In fact, fruits were the primary meal of those people. The oldest fossil of fruit dates back to 52 million years ago, even before humans evolved. You can understand that there was probably no time when fruits were not included in our everyday diet.

The trend of including fruits in our meals is continuing till today. Health experts and nutritionists believe that you should take at least 4 to 5 servings of food every day. The dietary fiber present in fruits make their consumption very healthy.

Along with dietary fibers, fruits are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s no surprise that you can always depend on fruits for your daily dose of nutritional value. And of course, to fulfil your sweet or tangy cravings too.

Let us dive into a list of fruits that start with g.

Name of Fruits Starting With a G

It doesn’t matter if you are a curious adult, an ambitious teenager or a toddler’s parent, it is always fun to learn about different fruits. In today’s blog, we will talk about all the fruits that start with g. Stick to the end to find out if your favorite fruit makes it to the list.

01. Goji Berries

Goji Berries

If you ever come across Goji Berries, you might mistake them with Roma tomatoes, also known as “Tommy-toes”. Native to Asia, this fruit is popular for its taste and medicinal qualities. In recent years, they have become more popular around the world, specifically in the United Sates. Goji Berries are rich antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, you can obtain high amount of nutrition from them. They can be eaten raw but they taste the best when they are softened after being soaked in water. You can also turn them to trail mixes, smoothies and parfaits.

02. Grapefruit

Red grapefruit slice

You can find this citrus fruit mostly in the tropical areas. Popular for being a rich source of vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, Grapefruit is loved for both its taste and nutritional value. Their taste can be explained as a blend of tangy and bitter flavor. Although they look like large oranges, they are pink from the inside.

03. Gala Apples

Gala apple

It is believed that the discovery of Gala Apples took place in New Zealand. They are small in size and have a heart-shaped structure with yellow skin. However, when they ripen, their skin becomes blush red in color. If you are into crispy and moderately sweet fruits, they are definitely something you should try.

04. Golden Apple

Golden Apple

Among all the fruits on the list, Golden Apple probably has one of the uncommonest features. The fruit has aroma of a pineapple, it tastes like a mango and looks like a spherical apple. They are known for their sweet and pulpy taste and unique look. You can easily detect a ripe and unripe Golden Apple by its color. When unripe, they are green and when ripe, they turn into a shade of golden yellow. You can either eat the fruit raw or turn it into jam, jelly or juice.

05. Galia Melons

Galia Melons

Galia Melons has a very strong resemblance with cantaloupes. As you can understand, they are the hybrid offspring of green flesh melons and netted rind melons. And although they externally look alike as cantaloupes, their inner flesh is light green. If you want to try a sweet fruit with a little bit of spice in it, you should doubtlessly give Galia Melons a try.

06. Grapples


Mostly popular among kids, Grapples is a brand name for commercially marketed apples that have been soaked in grape juice. You can consider them as a cross between grapes and apples. They are loved for their mesmerizing sweet taste.

07. Grapes


Probably the most common fruit in the list, Grapes are consumed all over the world. Whether you like them red, green, black or purple, you’ll always find comfort in grapes. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, making them very healthy. Grapes are also popular for their usage in making wine.

08. Gooseberry


Gooseberries are of two main types, American and European, having different sizes and colors. Although they fall mainly under two broad categories, there are varieties of Gooseberries, varying on their size and color. You can safely eat them and in fact, you’ll earn additional health benefits from their consumption.

09. Guava

Green Guava

Native to tropical regions of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America, guava is an all-edible fruit. Starting from their skin to seeds, you can eat the whole fruit. They are green when they are unripe and yellow when ripe. The flesh of Guava can be white or red, depending upon the breed of the plant. If you haven’t tried a guava yet, you are missing on an absolutely sweet and delicious fruit.

10. Granadilla


A close relative of passionfruit, Granadillas are popular for their citrusy taste. They resemble oranges; however, they are comparatively hard and have visibly long stem. You have to crack them open to eat their jelly like flesh. And when it comes to their taste, they have a tangy and sour taste with a hint of sweetness.

11. Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi

Comparatively smaller than their counterpart, Golden Kiwis are less fuzzy than the green ones. They have bright and golden skin and inner flesh with a berry like taste.  When it comes to taste, Golden Kiwis differ from the green ones. You can find their taste similar to a tropical berry.

11. Green Apples

Green Apples

Unlike regular apples, Green Apples do not change into a different color when they are ripe. Although a little sourer than their red counterpart, Green Apples have a unique flavor. You can find varieties of green apples, including Shamrock and Lodi apples.

12. Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious Apples

Among all the apples, Golden delicious Apples have the highest sale in the United States. They are named after their beautiful yellow-gold skin. Although they are crunchy, these apples are softer and sweeter when compared to their counterparts.

13. Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple
Green Granny Smith Apple on white background

Granny Smith Apple is probably the most popular variety of green apple. In fact, you might always find Granny Smith Apple as the epitome of green apples whenever you look for one. They are tangy but not too sour. If you want to make apple pies or caramel apples, they are your best option.

14. Governor’s Plum

Governor’s Plum

The fruit has derived its name because of its tiny purple plum-like looks. You can eat Governor’s Plum raw but they might taste a little bitter. For the best taste, you can turn them into jam, jelly or liquor.

14. Green Anjou Pears

Green Anjou Pears

A type of pear, Anjou Pears are available almost everywhere. They are available in green and red color, the green ones being pear-shaped fruits with green skin. You can eat these sweet, mildly citrusy and juicy fruits raw or cook them and turn them into a dish.

15. Greek Figs

Greek Figs

Greek Figs are available in several types, including green figs, royal figs, red figs and black figs. They derive their name from their primary growth location. Although they have similar characteristics, you can find their taste differing, varying on their type. Greek Figs are soft and squishy, you can treat your sweet tooth with their honey-like sweet flavour.

16. Grand Nain Banana

Grand Nain Banana

You are probably familiar with Grand Nain Banana with their commercial name Chiquita bananas. They are highly nutritious and good for your overall health. Although available everywhere, they are widely popular in the Americas.

17. Grosella Negra

Grosella Negra

Known popularly as Black Currant, Grosella Negra is sometimes called “the forbidden fruit”. You can also be familiar with them as Spanish black fruit. They are rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins and vitamin C. Fresh Grosella Negra is hard to find in the US as they help in the spread of a harmful tree fungus. However, you can easily find them in a dried form online.

18. Gorham Pear

Gorham Pear

Although they are not the most known pears, they are still very popular. These tear-shaped pears are juicer and sweeter than most commercially sold pears. Their soft flesh will melt in your mouth the moment you take a bite.


We have listed all the fruits that start with G. Whether you are planning on eating these or making a smoothie with them, make a chart of the mentioned fruits. Go and grab your favorite fruit from the list and treat yourself with health and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a popular fruit starting with a G?

Grape is a popular fruit starting with a g.

Is Pumpkin a fruit?

Yes, pumpkin is actually fruit and not a vegetable.

What is a fruit starting with a J?

Jackfruit is a popular fruit starting with a J.

What fruit start with a N?

Nectarine is a fruit starting with a N.

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