Firefighters try to contain a Nebraska wildfire that killed one man

The Nebraska wildfire has now killed one person, injured at least 15 firefighters and burnt down six houses in the area. The officials have stated that the firefighters are taking advantage of the humid and calm winds of Monday in their attempt to contain the wildfire that has devastatingly hit rural southwestern Nebraska.

A report by the Rocky Mountain Complex Incident Management Team states that the wildfire has destroyed almost 65 square miles in Furnas, Red willow and Frontier counties by Sunday night.

The man who unfortunately lost his life on Friday night was working as a spotter with firefighters in Red Willow Country. Alyssa Sanders along with Nebraska Emergency Management Agency stated that the 66 years old John P. Trumble, a resident of Arapahoe and a former Cambridge fire chief was consumed by fire and smoke after his vehicle left.

Officials are estimating that the fire team may be able to contain the fire fully. Dan Dallas, an Incident Commander stated the rapid wind might result in destroying a large scale of vegetation of the region. With the support of helicopters, the firefighters are continuing their constant effort to extinguish the fire in the hotspots near structures and bushy areas.

The netzines are advised to avoid the Road 702 Fire area and to be cautious while driving as the fire and smoke have reduced the visibility of the roads.

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