Fire at a karaoke bar in Vietnam takes 14 peoples lives

A fire broke out at a Karaoke bar that was located in the area of southern Vietnam adjusant to Ho Chi Minh City. The fire took 14 lives and many people were injured.

As per the report published by local media, the fire broke out at the top floor of a building on Tuesday night. It trapped several customers who were enjoying their karaoke night inside the room. Once the fire started to spread, people panicked. Reportedly, around four people jumped from the building to escape and caused serious damage to themselves. Still, the fire department arrived quickly after the alarm was activated. There were very few victims, but those who were present were in an especially precarious position.

Firefighters said they had the blaze under control within an hour, and investigators are still looking into what started the devastating blaze.

Binh Duong is home to Vietnam’s most well-known karaoke bar.   The building had nice timber furnishings and accents. Almost three-quarters of the structure was lost in the fire. In Vietnam, fires in Karaoke bars are unfortunately prevalent. Three firemen died last month trying to put out a fire that broke out at a karaoke bar in Hanoi, echoing an event that occurred a month prior at another Vietnamese karaoke establishment.

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