Finland to consider sole NATO membership bid

After the recent objections to Sweden from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Finland is now reconsidering whether it wants to move jointly with Sweden toward membership in NATO.

Both Finland and Sweden, Haavisto stated in an interview that their first option was and still is to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at the same time. They highlighted that they have to consider the countries’ security. 

Haavisto further added, “We must now assess the situation and see if something has happened which could block Sweden’s access to the alliance in the longer run.”

Turkey has shown objection to its entry into NATO. However, it requested that the process move forward like usual at a NATO summit in June. Turkey is rather happy with Finland for its constant cooperation. 

On Monday, Erdogan came up with a Sweden’s application supporting it after a far-right activist destroyed the holy book of Islam in Stockholm. Among NATO’s all 30 members, only Hungry and Turkey have not yet submitted the applications. 

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