Ferdinand Marcos Junior’s winning will decide the face of nuclear plant in Philippines

Nuclear power in Philippines may once more come to surface if son of Ferdinand Marco comes to power during the next presidential election. The nuclear powerplant built near a fault line and volcanoes which was banned for being dangerous can once more be revived.

The $2.2 billion Bataan plant, which served as a means for greed and terror was banned in 1986 after the dictator was overthrown from his power.

After the devastating Chernobyl nuclear accident, the nuclear powerplant was sealed. However, even before the incident, the plant stirred controversies due to its location and design.

The powerplant is located 18 meters above sea level, near many volcanoes in a part of Philippines which is known to be earthquake prone. 

Even with all the disadvantages, Ferdinand Marcus junior has pledged that he will adopt and speed up the country’s nuclear power, reviving the venture started by his father.

In March, Marcos Jr said, “We really have to look at nuclear power”. According to him, at least one plant was needed to established in order to reduce the country’s electricity prices.

He has sided with the South Korean and Russian experts who have concluded that the 620-megawatt powerplant can be revived again.

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