Top 12 Disney Nail Art design ideas in 2023

The story goes that Walt Disney started drawing Mickey Mouse after being inspired by a humble church mouse. Today Disney characters are so famous, that it is present globally and requires no introduction. Unless you live under a rock you would certainly know about them.

Our childhoods are filled with different characters from Disney and they hold a special place in our hearts. No one can forget Ariel or Cinderella that easily and time and again these characters have brought joy into our lives. Now, what better way to show your appreciation of these wonderful cartoons than by painting your nails inspired by these characters?

White disney nails

Yes, you heard it right – Disney nail art has been there for quite a while and is soon becoming mainstream in the nail art world. People have been painting their nails with their favorite Disney characters and this trend doesn’t seem to be abetting anytime soon.

Princes disney nails

In this blog post, I talk about the trend that can never go out of fashion – Disney nail art. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your creative side and if you have little ones at home then you can always try it out on them and watch them jump with glee as they show off their nails to their friends. An amazing way to bond with kids and adults alike Disney nail art can never go out of style.

There can be no dearth of designs in the Disney nail art space as there is no dearth of Disney characters. People haven’t stopped at just recreating the characters on their nails, inspired by the messages of these iconic cartoons people are painting abstract versions of these characters on their nails symbolizing what they stand for.

I have listed some of the trends that are blowing up the internet with their absolutely stunning designs. You can look at them for inspiration and recreate them on your nails as well.

The iconic mickey can certainly become part of your nails. It is seen as an Easter egg in all Disney movies then why can’t it play the main role on your nails. Mickey Mouse-inspired nail art has many designs and patterns that offer an acute and refreshing look.

Are you a stars wars fan? Like Yoda and his philosophies? Then check out painting baby Yoda on your fingernails. It makes for a pretty design and we all know how cute baby Yoda can be.

Loved the innocence of Bambi? Did you want to help the hapless deer during the film? One way to immortalize all that innocence would be to paint your nails based on the themes of Bambi. You can definitely go all out and try different styles of nail art to paint this classic on your nails.

I loved the character of Genie in Aladdin films. Voiced by the legendary Robin Williams this persona was so lively that I felt the film couldn’t contain it. Trends capturing the various expressions of Genie are making the rounds and I have to say it is very eye-catching.

Who can forget the fashionista of Disney World? The iconic Cruella De Vill can come to life on your nails and can be used to make a bold style statement. What better way to bring out your punk side than to paint the ultimate badass of Disney World?

You can even try adding nail art jewelry-like studs to your nail art. Here is a look portraying good old Mickey Mouse that is then glamourized by adding studs to your nails giving it a glitzy look.

You can even go for Minnie Mouse nails and have them painted on a few fingers to accentuate it further. This look is fun and peppy and can be worn to informal and casual events as well.

Ursula the villain of the Little Mermaid can also be painted on your nails and painting her beautiful octopus-like tentacles certainly showcases your skills as an artist and can make for some very beautiful designs. Many people have watched her onscreen plenty of times stealing the show from right under Triton’s nose.

Are you a nature lover? Searching for Disney characters that were close to nature? Look no further because Pocahontas is here. The iconic Disney princess who inspired generations with her love for nature and its beauty can certainly be painted on your nails to symbolize everything she stood for her.

Finally, you can seek out a simple design like the Dalmatian nails. An ode to the mischievous Dalmatians puppies, these characters made dog lovers everywhere smile with their pranks and playfulness. They affirm why dogs are man’s best friends. Dalmatian nails are easy to paint, you can just go for polka dots or you can take it a step further by painting the actual characters on your nails.

Disney gel nails

My list is undoubtedly not exhaustive and when it comes to Disney nail art the sky is the limit! You can certainly combine it with various nail art accessories or even layer it with different colors. This nail art has the added benefit of breaking the ice and starting conversations.

So, if you are interested in nail art and follow the latest trends in the fashion world then don’t give this ageless trend a miss. Paint your nails with your favorite Disney characters and have a fun experience doing it. Relive the nostalgia of your childhood as Disney nail art can last you a couple of weeks.

Now, I am sure reading my post here would have inspired you to get a look of your own. To help you further I have discussed how this can be recreated at home. You can also go to a nail salon and recreate Disney-inspired designs of your choice.

DIY or nail salon which is better?

You can debate whether you want to go to the nail salon or do it yourself at home but you won’t have a clear answer. Ultimately it depends on your preferences and goals. This nail art can be painted on your natural nails as well as on nail acrylics. So, if you want to try it out on nail acrylics and you are a beginner then I recommend visiting a nail salon.

Most nail salons provide Disney nail art services. It is one of the most common services available. When at the nail salon you can discuss in depth what you want to be recreated on your nails and show them the design you have in your mind. You must enquire about their hygiene standards and check their instruments before proceeding with the manicure.

If you want to try it at home then I have given a tutorial you can follow.

DIY at home

To try out this style at home you don’t need to have a nail art kit, especially if you are a beginner. All you need is:

  • Clear nail polish
  • nail polish of your choice
  • Disney nail sticker that you can buy online
  • Nail clippers,
  • Nail file,
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton swab
  • Bowl of water
  • Tweezers
  • Clean cotton cloth

Step 1: Clean your Hands

Always the basic step would be to wash your hands and fingernails. Cut your nails and file them to a shape of your choice. Make sure there are no snags in your nails. They should be even and smooth. You can also gently dip the cotton swab in the nail polish remover and remove any previous nail polish remaining on your nails.

Step 2: Apply the base coat

This step really depends on you.  You can apply the sticker directly to your nails or you can apply the base coat of nail polish that matches your sticker. Assuming you have selected a nice design take a nail polish of your choice and apply 2 thin coats evenly on all your nails.

Step 3: Adding the nail sticker

You can buy many Disney nail stickers online and most of them are water stickers. So once you have selected the sticker you like cut it out neatly from the sheet and with the help of the tweezers peel it and dip it into the water. Then very delicately place the sticker on your nails. The placement again is left to you, there are no hard and fast rules.

Step 4: Building the manicure

Press each nail gently after applying the sticker. Once the nail dries completely gently remove the excess water with a clean cotton cloth. Do this to all your nails and you can try as many stickers as you like.

Step 5: Apply the topcoat

Then finish your manicure by applying a thin coat of clear nail polish to all your fingernails. This locks in the sticker and the base coat giving your manicure a professional look. It also prevents early chipping of your manicure and gives it a glossy finish.

With this, you are finished with your Disney nail art. Your finished nail should look something similar to the image above. I hope my tutorial was easy to follow and you were able to recreate the Disney nail art of your choice.


Disney nail art is not only iconic but makes for a fun experience as well. You can show the different sides to your personality by associating yourself with various themes and characters of Disney. The style of Disney nail art is universal and can be sported by both children as well as adults.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on Disney nail art and were able to recreate some designs of your own. This peppy and lively nail art shouldn’t be overlooked or unfairly categorised as childish because it can be customised and designed according to the preferences of the wearer and people of all ages and genders can sport this nail design. Do let me know which your favourite designs were and how you recreated them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disney nail art for a certain age group only?

Absolutely not! It’s for everyone and anyone. Anybody can try their hands at this blossoming nail art trend and enjoy sporting their creative nails.

Can I get acrylic nails done at Disney World?

They do have salons and spas that offer nail services but they don’t offer nail acrylics. You can enjoy a gel manicure instead.

Do nail salons offer Disney nail art services?

Disney nail art has been there for a long time so many nail salons provide this service. But it is best to enquire with your nail salon before visiting them.

Is it possible to get Disney nail art at home if I don’t have the tools?

Yes, it is possible. Online stores like Amazon sell Disney nail art stickers that can be used to stick on your nails. This gives the impression of a perfect Disney manicure.

Are there any standard rules for Disney nail art?

Of course not. There is no dearth to your creativity and you can come up with as many designs as possible all inspired by Disney characters and themes as well.

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