Demand for lemons upswings as Chinese look for immunity against Covid

The business has turned pretty well for the farmers of China since citizens started relying on natural remedies to fight a mounting wave of Covid infections.

The farmers mentioned that the sales of lemons have skyrocketed to 20-30 tons per day over the past week from just 5 or 6 tons. People from Beijing and Shanghai are running to buy foods rich in vitamin C to boost their immunity in the latest battle against the pandemic. Natural remedies are the only hope for the people of China, as cold and flu medicines run short. 

Apart from lemons, sales of other fruits, such as oranges and pears, are also soaring on Dingdong Maasai. Additionally, canned yellow peaches are another item in high demand, as some Chinese believe that cold and sweet fruit can improve the appetite, especially when you’re sick.

The dimensions of the fruit business in China took a 360-degree turn in just a few weeks. It was last month when China’s fruit and vegetable farmers were fretting over tons of fresh produce that were piling up because of the effect of the country’s stringent virus curbs on transportation. 

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