Defence Minister of German finally Quits the Position 

German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht recently resigned from her post on Monday. His decision was influenced by the number of blunders she made during her period. Her capabilities were questioned on several occasions, especially during the Ukraine war. 

Christine was pressured to approve a hike up the count in the international military support for Kyiv. Germany’s defence capabilities was questioned after many Puma infantry tanks were headed out of service during the current military drill. She was also accused of failing to get the Bundeswehr back in shape on time, even after spending 100 billion euros after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Currently, Germany is trying to find out a capable successor. According to the German media, the potential candidates for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces are SPD party head Lars Klingbeil, junior defence minister Siemtje Moeller, Eva Hoegl, and Labour Minister Hubertus Heil.

Till now, the name of the successor has not been declared. However, they are under pressure to find a successor as early as possible.

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